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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

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  1. This entire saga is very odd. If Ana has done all the things you say she has, why is she still our sheriff? It is difficult to know what to believe. Is the sheriff and her employees guilty or not? I have been reading the blog for years and nothing has happened to those you claim are guilty.

  2. Nothing has happened yet. And why do you think Ana did not run for sheriff this year? Because she knows she would have lost this time because of her actions. I haven't been reading this blog for years and even I can see that. Also, do you pay attention to newspapers or even news in New York where Morgan County is just a big joke??

  3. I read the news papers and watch the local news that is why this is so confusing for me. If this sheriff is corrupt why is she still in power? Why hasn't the DA locked her up. From what was in the paper a judge found that she and her deputies acted criminally against the warden and Mrs. Lockhart.

    1. The DA's still waiting for his balls to drop.

  4. There are more looking into prosecuting her than the local DA. The wheels of justice turn slow but they are turning and hopefully after the last 2 weeks it will come to an end soon.

  5. What is Larry's APost certification number? When a records request was done there wasn't one found so maybe Puckett will hire someone that is actually qualified for a jail administrator position supposed to be a APost captain. With someone like this in the sheriffs ear with nothing to lose themselves I think she is figuring this wasn't smart on her part right now. Also the nepotism of him being over the jail and his granddaughters supervisor is the definition of an ethics violation.