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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Deepest sympathy goes out for the Marshall Family

Folks, our deepest sympathy goes out for the Marshall family tonight.  Nobody can imagine what families go through while living and dealing with Mental Illness within the family.  It isn't something we talk about or discuss.  Most folks do not understand the perils and trials we go through as a family.  We love our family members perhaps even more because we understand the difficulties and hardships they struggle with.

We ask that you give the Marshall family privacy during this very difficult time in their life.  Don't talk about things that you can't possibly understand. 


  1. That is Ana and her camp bringing that out. Steve Marshall has been the only one with balls enough to take her azz down and do what is right. They should be ashamed of their selves. Ana, how many more people will you hurt or destroy until your azz is gone? You are pure evil, you do not care how much pain you cause people as long as your azz is saved. You are disgusting. Get the hell out now.

  2. Was she involved in this. Ana. Prayers for Steve and family

  3. Over the top. Ana could not have had anything to do with this. Sometimes these comments are so disrespectful. Why diminish anyone with Ana? Kinda like the liberals saying criminal Sheriffs like Ana are Trumps fault.

  4. Plain and simple. It was nobody's business. I am as curious about things as the next person. But, there's a line. I would never do more damage to a family by hurting them to oust a private and extremely painful event. It's shameful and insensitive. A "story" shouldn't be worth your conscious.