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Monday, June 25, 2018

Dealing with people who will never admit they are wrong!

I borrowed money from my savings and my State Retirement to invested in Performance Auto Sales.

I did not move money from the inmate food funds to invest.

I paid the money back to the inmate food fund.

I did not use inmates to work in my home.

All the I's and all me's doesn't mean that Ana didn't lie.

I do not own property in Saraland? 

I have never favored one employee over another.

Me.  It's all about me.

Me.  Do the employees think that I did all the things that crazy a** Glenda Lockhart claims.

They love me.  They really really love me.  Don't they.  Don't the MCSO employees love me?

I have busted my butt for these people and not one of them will stand up for me.  What about good ole Larry Ana. 


  1. I am Momma Ana and I love you all. There is no money no money no money but I will take care of you guys.

  2. Bones you deserve a new truck since your working so much overtime. Haha

  3. So much going on how in the world does Ana and her gang think they are invincible?

  4. She dumped ziaja after she ran through his dough. On to greener pastures and more powerful boyfriends. Don't think that's gonna help. Quick Charlie call your buddy Sessions.

  5. Silence before the storm. Bye Ana, Berzetts, Livingston, Bones, Robinson, and more. Time for you all to get ready for prison.

  6. Sounds like she could serve in the Trump administration.