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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Criminal Actions - Not Just a Rumor It's Fact

Blogger Comments:  Folks we have been out of pocket for a few days.  Things around Morgan County seem peaceful right now.  That does not change the fact that the corrupt still exist in our county.  We hear that Ziaja was banking on Ed Henry getting him out of trouble.  The problem is who will get Ed Henry out of his felony charges?

We look forward to the hearing in the Montgomery County Courthouse this coming Monday.  Ziaja has done so much more than the public realizes.  At one time our source told us he had over 200K hidden in a safe in his house.  We know first hand how expensive attorneys are that money won't last long.  He was smart to drop Billable Barney.  Sound like ole Billable Barney may be a subject himself, and so he should be.    

We have been patiently waiting for a  long time to see Ziaja, Franklin, Bones, Blake, and Powell to get their just reward.  We believe it is coming.  Unfortunately, we hear from our contacts that Sheriff Franklin is still harassing those who work for her.  Hopefully, that will end soon.  

I listened to the data that I have of Franklin claiming that the whistleblower was in her home at 2 o'clock in the morning and claiming a man was in her yard for 16 minutes.  How interesting is that.  Many of the rumors we have heard is that the whistleblower was in Franklin's house not once but twice.  Hum! Last time we checked the whistleblower is a woman.  

Does that mean that Franklin claims the whistleblower was able to coerce someone to go into the home of the Morgan County Sheriff while she was sleeping?  What we can tell you is the truth in that lame story is nothing but fiction.  Franklin claims she has gates up at her home and cameras throughout.  The only problem is the cameras are not clear enough to determine who the culprit was.  Folks, this is the sheriff of our county.  For goodness sakes are we to believe that a 60-year-old woman made herself look like a man and go prowling around the sheriff's house at 2:00 in the morning.  

We call that desperation.  Maybe we should call it what it really is.  Downright stupidity.  

Morgan sheriff and deputies acted criminally in probe of blogger and warden, judge says

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