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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Commendable Mr. Joe Curtis

Blogger Comments:  Folks we find it commendable that Mr. Joe Curtis from Athens is saying prayers for Sheriff Ana Franklin.  We all need those prayers.  For many years now we have known what the sheriff, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, Justin Powell, Steven Ziaja, and John Venegoni were doing.  Prayer didn't stop any of them.  Sad! But True.  However, prayer always helps no matter what type of situation you are in.

What is even sadder is the fact Franklin, Bones, and Robinson have been heard around town claiming a number of us are going to jail.  As for the blogger, she is being accused of stalking.  Stalking Franklin as a matter of fact.  Yet the person she claims was on her property for several minutes, that damaged Bones' truck, and went inside the tough-talking sheriff's home she was a MAN!  Are we to believe it was Houdini Glenda dressed as a man?

Now! Tell us how a 120 lbs woman, who is merely 5'0" tall, managed to do all these things that the sheriff claims?  To hear the sheriff tell it, the whistleblower tried to kill her by pulling a pin from a horse trailer.  Apparently, the sheriff accuses the whistleblower of being in her house on multiple occasions.  Folks, we are talking about the sheriff of Morgan County who in her own words claims she has cameras and video.  How then is it possible the Houdini Glenda slithered around all of the obstacles at Franklin's house without being ID'd by cameras.  Is the sheriff claiming that Glenda paid someone to do her dirty deeds?  Sorry folks, we leave breaking into other peoples property up to Franklin.  We hear the pay for breaking and entering for the sheriff pays pretty good.

Franklin promised that if Sorry Ass Glenda Lockhart kept her from running for sheriff she would pay dearly.  Well! Folks guess what?  She ain't lying.  Pay we have.  It is easy to be sympatheic if you are not from Morgan County.

Letter to the Editor
Saying a prayer for Morgan sheriff
·         Jun 20, 2018
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To The Daily: Our God says to pray for our leaders and those with authority, "that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life." Wouldn’t it be better to pray for them instead of being so critical? It has been obvious from the time Ana Franklin was elected (sheriff of Morgan County) until now that you have been very unfair to her. Ana Franklin has been a personal friend of mine for many years, and I know her to be a good woman. It is difficult to fight crime, internal and external opposition, as well as the vitriolic voice of The Decatur Daily, and do what the people of Morgan County elected her to do. I don’t live in Morgan County, but I’m praying for Ana Franklin and all our leaders. They deserve better.
Joe Curtis

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  1. The WhistleBlower has been unfair??? Are you serious?. Maybe you would feel differently if you lived in Morgan County and your tax dollars had been wasted for the past seven years.