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Sunday, June 3, 2018


Folks, we should all get out and vote this coming Tuesday.  There are some very important positions up for grabs if we want to move our county forward.  There is also a chance of stepping backward as well.  This is just the whistleblower's opinion but we are sharing our opinion with our readers as we always do.  We have been truthful with our blog and make corrections as needed.

Randy Cavnar whom we have known for years and at one time highly respected.  Called two of the whistleblowers not knowing we were together.  He proceeded to explain that he had just found out that the coroner may throw his hat in the ring for sheriff.  He proceeded to tell the whistleblower all the things he had to say to him which were not pleasant.  Once he hung up the phone, he called the other whistleblower and told her the same sob story.  He found out later that the coroner had no desire to run.  The following day he called both whistleblowers to recant his story.  We already knew that the coroner had no desire to run.  We won't go into detail but the story Cavnar told was mean and vicious.  When Cavnar found out that the whistleblower had a few communications with the coroner he told her he could no longer talk to her.

Cavnar does not have our respect for that incident.  It was mean and uncalled for.  We talk to folks on a daily basis who are not voting for the same candidates as we are but we still respect them.  It is no secret that the whistleblower supports Darrell Childers for sheriff of Morgan County, we also have the utmost respect for Ron Puckett who we know to be a professional candidate.  Highly respected by his employees and the community.  The same goes for Scott Owens and Robert Clairday.

What we need to do is to bring respect back into the offices of public officials.  We have had a great run on our Judges for Morgan County with the exception of Judge Jennifer Howell.  Howell, who was fired from the DA's office to then become a judge with the support of her good friends Sheriff Ana Franklin and Steven Ziaja.  Howell, who worked inmates on her property.  We know this because we have seen the records.  It is or should be a conflict of interest to have inmates work on your property that may come through your courtroom.

In her most reprehensible act, Howell was the judge that ruled that Kay Stevens request for a restraining order against her ex-husband Roger Stevens did not meet the criteria of a restraining order.  Roger Stevens is sitting in jail as we speak as a cold-blooded killer.  Howell is sitting on the bench.

Roger Stevens promised Kay that he would kill her.  He did.  Stevens went to her bakery one morning and chased her around the bakery and subsequently shot and killed her in front of her bakery.   He then went to his workplace, a trucking company and hold up in a big rig truck.  Madison County has the situation under control yet Sheriff Ana Franklin, a long time friend of Roger Stevens family proceeded to the scene with Sheriff Blakely.  Franklin and Blakely got into the truck with Stevens with a bottle of liquor and proceeded to partake with Stevens until he was soused.  Franklin promised Stevens she would take him to his dad's house to see him before she took him to jail.  This didn't taste right for the real law enforcement that was on the scene.  Franklin proceeded to place Stevens in the back of her SUV with no handcuffs, no protective barrier, and last but not least Franklin had been drinking.  Sheriff Franklin and Judge Jennifer Howell screwed the pooch.  Which brings me to another candidate we have concerns about.

Charles Elliott is one of the two Republican candidates who seek to replace the Honorable Glen Thompson as District Judge.  Folks, Charles Elliot is one of the gang or was one of the gang.  Sheriff Franklin, Judge Howell, and Charles Elliot are or were the best of friends.  In our opinion birds of a feather flock together.  We want to drain the swamp not rebuild the swamp.  Jacob Roberts has not gotten caught up in the corruption that Sheriff Ana Franklin and her gang that poisoned out county with over the past few years.  Our votes go to Jacob Roberts.  Judge Thompson has run his courtroom with dignity and respect.  We need to replace him with dignity and respect.  Jabob Robers is that man.

Which brings us to Tom Fredricks, candidate for District 9.  One of the whistleblowers talked with Fredricks.  Fredricks was in big with Ed Henry, Sheriff Ana Franklin, Steven Ziaja and others that we were reporting on.  One of the whistleblowers blogged about an event that Fredricks was putting on at his place.  He contacted one of the whistleblowers and told him to get Glenda "under control".  That didn't set well.  The whistleblower let Fredricks know that not he nor any other man was big enough to get her under control.  One big reason this blog is successful is that we have taken no money to run the blog,  It is all out of pocket.  We are not going to be controlled by big money that has no desire to make a difference in Morgan County.  Parker Moore is the candidate most suited for this job.

What many of the folks in Morgan County do not know is that there was a plan 7 1/2 years ago to get rid of the "old" establishment and bring in young blood.  Franklin, Ziaja, Howell, and others campaigned hard so that they could rid the county of old establishment.  The blood that they brought in was tainted and corrupt.  Don't let history repeat itself.

Last by not least is Senator Auther Orr's bill to keep sheriff's from partaking of inmate food funds.  Folks, the bill is on the table. It is now up to the citizens of Morgan County to say no, so less than honest sheriffs can take the inmate food money instead of feeding the inmate population.

There is still an ongoing issue within the jail that needs immediate attention.  The current medical service for the inmate care has reportedly refused to give a mentally ill inmate his much-needed medicine because he did not get the medicine the first week of being incarcerated.  We hear that the nurse said that if he had needed it, it should have been brought in the first week in incarceration.  Folks, what is wrong with these people?  Does it really take another visit from non-profit organizations to stop these people from denying inmates their medication?

See you at the polls!


  1. Little does Ana know half her department has jumped ship. Ratting her out to Feds. All her hillbilly followers continue to act badass. I hate to say it folks game is over

  2. Bye bye sweet Sheriff. Have you spent any time at your estate down South

  3. When the Alabama Sheriffs Association asks you to resign and you don’t. 1. You need to stay in office to have taxpayers fund your legal battles or 2. You have a mental disorder. If I were in your shoes I’d be gone.

  4. Can you go into more details on Elliott's friendship with Ana? Other than the professional relationship of prosecutor and sheriff.

    1. Why? And no I am not the whistleblower...

  5. They say it won’t be hard to get her and Bones. Apparently they are living together. Bones has never paid a dime of rent in his life. He had it made with Ana

  6. Whoever is in charge of the arrests. Do not bring a dog of any kind. Bones don’t like animals

  7. I swear this is like a bad Dukes of Hazzard episode.

  8. There’s so much corruption in Morgan County -- why didn’t anyone run against Howell? Her corrupt reputation is VERY well known. It’s bad whenever you can mention Judge Howell’s name to people who work in the judicial system outside of Morgan County and the response is ALWAYS the same: "she’s corrupt", "she’s incompetent", "she’s unethical", "she should be removed from office", "most unprofessional judge I've ever witnessed", etc

    Why won't someone run against her???

  9. Our family has friends who are practicing attorneys in Madison County, Jefferson County, Shelby County, and Cullman County (to name a few) -- they ALL know about Howell and how unprofessional she is. Morgan County is the modern day Hazzard County, that's for sure!

  10. Scott Anderson fired Howell from the DA's office. Someone should run against her in the next election. She is corrupt.