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Friday, June 8, 2018

Another Black Eye

Blogger Comments:  Folks, Morgan County is going through yet another black eye with yet more to possibly come.  The Ed Henry indictment is one we didn't see coming.  Each of us is afforded our due process or at least we should be. In Morgan County under the leadership of Sheriff Ana Franklin at the helm of the MCSO, we have been left out in the cold.  The stress that has been placed on the sheriff's office employees, the citizens, and the whistleblowers have been almost unbearable.  

Leon Bradley woke up every morning for just about a year with a black cloud hanging over his head not knowing what to expect next.  For the past 7 1/2 years Sheriff Franklin, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and unfortunately Justin Powell set out for God knows what.  What made these folks take the road that they have taken with apparently no regret, no remorse, no guilt, and no shame for their actions.

So many people have been hurt.  We started the blog in October 2015 knowing that something within the sheriff's office wasn't right.  There has been a lot of silent pain to contend with but for the most part, we wanted to share with our readers the things we found and had submitted to the ex-State Attorney General Luther Strange.  Most of which got back to Sheriff Franklin.  We visited Montgomery and just walked in the door with our complaints.  We were allowed to see an investigator who took our information.  We had a call for an investigator in December 2013 that wanted to know just what the problem between the whistleblower and the sheriff was.  We explained to the investigator that if he wanted to know he should travel on up to Morgan County and conduct his own little investigation.  That was the last time we heard from anyone from Montgomery.  

What we did here is bits and pieces coming out of the sheriff's staff calls about the information we submitted to the state.  We heard that the sheriff bragged that she would never be arrested.  She bragged that she had ole Luther wrapped around her little finger.  All of those things may be true but we still felt that we had a voice.  We filed additional complaints and started the blog as a tool to get the word out.  

Time will only tell as to what we may expect next but one thing is for sure.  It's time to clean up Alabama and we will have some great folks in office that can make that happen.  We hear complaints almost daily as to why something hasn't been done.  Folks, its called conducting a "real" investigation.  If we get caught up in allegations that have been made against us, we will have to do the same things the others will be required to do.  Prove our innocence.  That's how the system works. 

Alabama state Rep. Ed Henry: 'I'm not guilty of any crimes'


  1. Sorry to shift the meaning of the blog...but I ask that those of you who need help and are contiplating suicide, Please reach out, please ask for help. You are NOT alone! You are NOT an attention whore. Don't let ignorance blow your light out. I was saved by someone who attempted suicide and failed...God bless their soul! #Dontletyourlightdim #iwassavedbysomeonewhounderstoodme #youarenotalone #IamYou.

    Change is constant.

    What happens today will not be your tomorrow.

    In memory of Ken Callahan.

    Where there is love, understanding, forgiveness and equality...there is peace.




  2. Ken was a great guy. Another of the ones Ana picked on.