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Friday, May 11, 2018

Why Does This Sound So Familiar?

BLOGGER COMMENTS:  It's in Tennessee so why would we care?   Just read and enjoy.

Another Tennessee Sheriff Arrested - Lawrence County Sheriff Jimmy Brown


  1. What this Sheriff did was wrong but I still think Ana has him beat. We will soon find out in coming days. Resign already

  2. Put her in her own sweet. I hope you are remembering ALL the employee and ex-employee lives you destroyed or ruined Ana. You cared about no one except your few little groupies. Karma is so sweet.

  3. Hurry up and put Ana in Morgan County jail. Guarantee you the inmates, many of which are not guilty and just haven't had their trial yet, will starting eating well again.


  4. Ana Franklin you are absolutely the poster child for police corruption. You are an embarrassment to our county and our state. You have destroyed the Sheriffs Office and those of many you used your position as Sheriff to touch. Your stealing and all the scams you have going on have hung you. Not only those you endeavored to destroy but those weak enough to continue to follow you. Are you stupid enough to think you as well as those you brought in to do your deeds will continue to be at the Sheriffs Office much longer. All of you need to pack up and go away so it might be easier for you in the end. Maybe your sentencing won’t be as bad. It will be very difficult to rebuild what you continue to destroy in your arrogance and defiance. None of you will ever be able to bring charges on anyone again because of your purjery in court. How can any of you try to convince yourselves or others your careers and employment is not over? You can not be convicted felons serving time and a sheriff or her deputies at the same time. Go away already greedy self centered corrupt criminals. Everyone seems to be asking the same but you are going to force your removal to be done. Every case you were to make now would not be prosecuted and you would be open to false arrest on any charge you tried to make. You can no longer do your jobs. Are you to stupid to see it is absolutely game over? If you were on stage you would have everything thrown at you as you are being run off stage. Don’t be a mentally deficient bafoon and be delusional enough to believe you and those around you will remain free much less in office. Go Away!

  5. Feds need to check into her falsifying time sheets on her chosen few