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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

While We Are Waiting - Ana with tears in her eyes - Special Needs Rodeo

Folks, the attached video of Sheriff Ana Franklin shows the sheriff with tears in her eyes.  Those tears as it turned out wasn't for the special needs they were tears of gladness for more money in her pocket.


  1. Knowing she gave less that $2500 per year to anything to do with special needs is sad anyway, she pocketed, went on at least 6 trips with close friends at the MCSO, and purchased a vehicle for over 50k for Berzett. The CAC received a small donation in the beginning, the rest was spent on frivolous things that benefitted the sheriff and her friends only. Request copies of the rodeo account that has recently been deemed as a public SO account because the money was made by employees that were paid to do rodeo work and if it's considered see rate from the office it's an ethic violation to be made to work the rodeo as well as be paid to work on the rodeo. You are more than welcome to ask the Alabama ethics commission that each deputy must take a online class each year for the state.

  2. Ana and her crocodile tears. She should have been an actress.