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Friday, May 4, 2018

WAAY TV - Morgan County Sheriff's Posse

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Folks, please click on the URL below to watch the interviews Mr. Privett conducted with Rick Sherman and Sheriff Ana Franklin.  It is very enlightening.  Franklin admits that deputies do sell ads during their normal duty day in full uniform. The Posse is a nonprofit organization.  The money is not audited by the state, and it is doubtful that anyone has reported anything to the IRS in years.  All proceeds and purchases for the event should be separated from Sheriff's Office money.  According to the three accounts Franklin released to us under an Alabama Open Record Request years ago the sheriff was using the MCSO money for posse purchases instead of the posse funds since 2012.

Blakely wasn't much help to Franklin either.  He made it clear his deputies are deputies first.  In our opinion, the deputies have been considered second-class citizens since Franklin took office.  That is except for the ones that follow mamma Ana and do her bidding.  If you don't believe it just ask Blake, JP, and Bones.  They have apparently worshiped and done Ana's bidding for years.

Our sources tell us it costs upwards of  $25,000.00 dollars per year to utilize and join the Professional Cowboys Association.  What part of the money earned went back into the MCSO and to Special Needs?  


Morgan County's sheriff told WAAY 31 her deputies sell the ads while on duty. She says it's not widespread.
Posted: May. 3, 2018 3:23 PM
Updated: May. 4, 2018 6:51 AM


  1. She blames Bartlett for her rodeo problems because he restarted it years ago....why does she lie so much?

  2. Ana is going to ruin you all just wait and see. Does not matter what lies she tells or what angle she takes she will ruin you all. She won’t go down alone. Everyone goes with her. Sound familiar?

  3. If the staff wasn't selling rodeo ads while on the job why did clerks go out during office hours and sell ads and why did clerk patty Alexander leave at 2pm each day to collect rodeo ad money. She was paid til 5 each day and other clerks weren't asked they were told to sell and told what day they would be out selling. For her to say she didn't expect employees to sell ads on duty is a flat out lie from Anna and Berzett.

    1. You're right. Ana is flat out LYING. You were REQUIRED to sell ads or pay the consequences.