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Sunday, May 6, 2018


Blogger Comments:  Folks, please click on the below URL to get the complete story and video of Sheriff Ana Franklin, ex-boyfriend Steven Ziaja, and Greg Steenson's role in Priceville, Partners, LLC.

This is a very Good Read...  Thank you, Greg Privett, for a very good story.

Bankruptcy filings further expose Sheriff Franklin's questionable connections to an ex-con who ran a collapsing used car business. There are more troublesome ties to Franklin.

Posted: Feb. 27, 2018 8:28 PM
Updated: Feb. 27, 2018 8:47 PM

Tonight, a WAAY 31 I-Team Instant Investigation.
The bankruptcy of a Priceville used car dealership exposed questionable connections between Morgan County’s sheriff and a key person inside the business who is on the wrong side of the law.
When the used car lot filed for bankruptcy, it left creditors holding the bag for nearly five and half million dollars.
The latest complaints in the Chapter 11 filing point fingers at Priceville Partners’ owners, managers, employees and investors.
One of those investors is Sheriff Ana Franklin.
WAAY 31 obtained the latest in a series of bankruptcy complaints. The court filings state Sheriff Franklin’s connection to Performance Auto Sales which was located on Point Mallard Parkway.
The sheriff’s involvement began with a $150,000 cashier’s check dated June, 5th 2015.
The complaints claim Franklin used your tax money for the loan to Priceville Partners, LLC
Steenson pleaded guilty to conspiracy and bank fraud and was sentenced in 2002. The ex-con owned 40 percent of the business and now faces additional theft and forgery charges.
Franklin insists she never knew Steenson was involved and thought Harold Jeffereys was the sole owner of Priceville Partners.
Jeffereys owned only 60 percent of the business after buying out his son’s stake. Ben Jeffrey’s had owned 40 percent.
The bankruptcy trustee, attorney Stuart Maples, complains when Priceville Partners started to collapse in 2016, people inside and outside the business violated bankruptcy laws by transferring assets.
Among the violations: embezzeling money, giving cash and cars to family and friends, even giving lavish gifts like homes and a lakeside condo.
The bankruptcy suit also points at Sheriff Franklin’s daughter, Alyssa.
She worked for Priceville Partners and is accused of giving below market auto loans and cancelling debts owed by her husband.
Documents also reveal one more connection to the sheriff: an ex- boyfriend. Steven Ziaja is an Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control officer. He’s also one of the creditors listed in the bankruptcy filing.
He faces 11 felony charges of computer tampering and one count of using his job as a state agent for personal gain.
Earlier this month, Franklin announced she won’t seek re-election.


  1. Soon she will be eating inmate food just like she served up hopefully

  2. Ana Franklin is nothing more than the leader of gang of crooks robbers and thieves.Her deputies ordered me out of my home at gunpoint (wrong address) when I complained to her she tried talking to me like I was a child I'm 65 years old and I know a bullshit artist when I see one

  3. Well who ever runs the Alabama- bas cops exposed page don't know their ass from a tree stump. They posted about Jennifer white the Moulton lady that's been missing and said they had found her in her wrecked tahoe in a ravine when clearly she was about a quarter of a mile off of 33 on a logging road and not a dent on her vehicle. That's how shittin lies and rumors get started. They worse than the moulMou pd about that shit

    1. I seen that crazy stuff on the bad cops exposed page and thought what the heck do it say found in a ravine. The news said down a old road a few hundred feet or something like that and that the vehicle was not damaged. I don't who run that page but they told a lie on that part for sure. Why she on the bad police page anyway what I'm thinking. She needed on a lost or missing peoples page

    2. At first everyone was reporting it was crashed in a ravine. Others changed their reporting, they didn't. But you're right, they don't know what they're talking about.

    3. And the idiots are still posting lies today. Wtf is there problem other than being stupid and disrespectful to that sweet family. Me and several others have reported the page and all the post in reference to Jennifer white and maybe just maybe they will get shut down. If anybody knows their name please post it here and they will be contacted

    4. I seen that stupid crap on that bad cops exposed page and the family has ask them to stop reposting stuff that they find on Facebook that's not true but the disgusting people keep on hurting the family by posting any way. That shows how low class they are. It's almost like they trying to be like this blog but they ain't nowhere close. We just keep reporting them and hope good comes from it

  4. Ana says she is tired of being a target. Is she tired of being a criminal? Hope she is really tired of being the criminal corrupt Sheriff. Sheriff for a short time, Felon last for the rest of her life. Why is she still in office? Allegations all proven to be true and a delusional Ana Franklin who believes her own lies! Lies and deception that will not cease until they are arrested. What happens next? I bet all her many victims are tired of being her targets also. People all the many various independent news agencies, law enforcement officials, and a judge can not all be wrong. This blog and the various people involved were right.

  5. They really need to arrest all thugs involved. They are a danger to our County and could set innocent people up at any given time. Dirty law enforcement is all they are.