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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Voting Rights and More

We hope that each and every registered voter in Morgan County gets out to vote.  I see Jacob Roberts is gaining momentum.  Good Luck Jacob...

These past few weeks have been very interesting, to say the least.  There is nothing to do but sit back and wait while the powers that be decide their next move.  All the while Ana is still cooking up stories to meet her needs of desperation.

Which brings me to the next wonder on my mind.  Where is Billable Barney?  It seems as if he has just faded away kinda like old soldiers except that Billable Barney is no old soldier.  Barney has said more than a few times that Ana has made him a rich man.  How much money has the county paid out over the years to keep Ana out of trouble?  How much money did the county pay Billable Barney for defending Ana? 

It is our hope that Justin Powell was finally able to shake some sense into his head and head north across the river.  He may actually stand a chance to redeem himself and save his sweet little family.  Ana like cousin Greg seems to have the gift of gab that makes people want to believe and follow them.  Someone told us ole Greg could talk you out of your shirt.  That is probably true.  Ana succeeded in talking Bones, Blake, Justin, Steven Ziaja, and others right out of their freedom.  I can hear it now.  Boys! If we all stick together, surround our wagons, and tell the same story they'll believe us because we are the law.

How's that working out for ya?

It also sounds like Sheriff Franklin may still be having some problems with the Priceville Partners, LLC Bankruptcy as well.  Ana thought if she paid the money back all was well.  No more problems and all her troubles were washed away.  The only problem with that story is that it seems to be an issue with the Bankruptcy Court. 


  1. Anyone know if the sheriff candidates are going to have some kind of town hall or forum before the election?


  2. Has a warrant been issued for Barney in the assault case against the state attorney assistant?

  3. Where is Barney any way, is he in hiding?

  4. Why does alabAla bad cops exposed page not just stfu already about marshell white? There ia no way the will get a word from the suicide note and Mr white is gonna sue the chicken shits very soon then the idiots will stfu

  5. Voting rights we all have them. How many of us want to vote for an "I" man? If that is what you want vote Randy Cavnar June 5, 2018. He is the I man.

    -I announced my candidacy

    -I have not just mentioned issues concerning the Sheriff's office

    -I have answered each and every question asked of me both in the public, at speaking engagements, and through social media.

    -I address it beyond comments with plans that you can see in detail. Why we will do it this way, the outcome the program will have, and this shows you the public we hope to serve how this will affect you beyond just saying it

    -I address it beyond words with a plan.

    -I don't make promises,

    -I give my word.

    -I don't use the word transparency it is the most abused word by most all office holders,

    -I believe in HONESTY and INTEGRITY.

    -I don't talk about an issue,

    -I address the issue beyond rhetoric.

    -I am the only candidate committed to not accepting the raise of the Sheriff's salary to the amount of $96,000.00, if a local act passes in November by a majority vote.

    -The salary that I will accept will be as it is today and the day I announced my candidacy. If the act passes

    -I am the only candidate committed to taking the pay raise amount and placing it not in my pocket, but in an equipment and training fund for the Sheriff's Office.
    -I am the only candidate committed to posting all financial funds and accounts and transactions on the Sheriff's Office web page for you to see from the comfort of your own home, updated monthly.
    -I am the only candidate that has not only said that

    -I will re-build our county school's SRO program, and school safety program,

    -I put together a plan that all of you can see.

    -I recruited an SRO expert and school safety expert to command the program, and

    -I am the only candidate that has presented a plan NOW and not later to our county school superintendent and the assistant county school superintendent.

    -I am the only candidate that has in that plan announced the Sheriff''s substations will be implemented in our county schools to enhance our SRO presence with patrol division deputies.
    -I am the only candidate that has a plan to reduce costs of SRO deputies by hiring retired certified law enforcement officers, and in reducing those salary costs we hope to add more SRO deputies, and moving the full time deputies back to patrol to beef up a very small staffed patrol division. Not words, not touch on the comments, but give you the voters a PLAN!

    -I am the only candidate that has stated publicly that the top priority of my administration will be this plan, our kids and the safety of our kids come first!
    To enhance that plan the only candidate committed to implementing the "Sheriff's Ranger Program " for our youth ages 14-19 who have an interest in law enforcement as a career, and for our youth that are identified as having a lack of a family structure to recruit them before they make a mistake and become involved in criminal activity.
    -I am the only candidate that has publicly stated support for alternative sentencing for our mentally ill for misdemeanor offenses.
    -While we all have our fair share of signs for all to see while traversing through the county and some more than I,

    -I prefer to spend my time addressing the issues, and presenting them to you. That is my commitment to you now, and if you elect me as your next Sheriff you are seeing now how

    -I will conduct the operations at the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.
    Let's get busy Morgan County we need each other to make a positive professional and honest difference in our county law enforcement!
    " A Commitment To Serve, Never For Personal Gain "
    Vote Randy Cavnar for Morgan County Sheriff on June 5th!

    1. Isn't that the point? Candidates are supposed to tell you why they are the best candidate. At least he has a plan!

  6. Are you sure this is Cavnar and not Donald Trump? At least Trump delivers.

  7. I would like to see a head line post on the commissioners in Morgan County. You want to know where your hard earned dollars are going don't cha? Lets talk about the corruption coming from the top. Ana is no longer going to be an issue so lets talk about what the community needs to know before they go to the polls to vote. You seem to be obsessed with only one part of the BIG picture. WE THE PEOPLE need to know!!!!!!!

  8. I agree "WE THE PEOPLE" do need to know what's going on with the commissioners in Morgan County.