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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Tomorrow is the big day

Blogger Comments:  Folks there is a lot going on tomorrow and I pray that Sheriff Ana Franklin, Robert Wilson AKA Bones, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell get what the deserve.  In the 7.5 years sheriff Ana Franklin has been in office she lied to the public, cheated many citizens out of their rights, stole money from the sheriff's office, and cheated the special needs out of funds made through her rodeo events.  Franklin cheated Performance Auto Sales out of funds and other goods, she has set people up with false crimes they did not commit but she wasn't alone.  Franklin had lots of help and not just the aforementioned law enforcement officers and Information Technology Specialist.

What Franklin did to Judge Thompson, Leon Bradley, and the whistleblower is inexcusable.  My prayer is that Judge Thompson and Warden Leon Bradley are vindicated from the dirty deeds these criminals trapped them in.

Court ruling slams sheriff, deputies

  • A judge said Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin, shown in 2017, and one of her deputies "deliberately misled" a court in obtaining search warrants related to a former county jail warden and blogger.  John Godbey/Decatur Daily

John Godbey/Decatur Daily

Finally out from under the cloud of a criminal prosecution, former Morgan County Warden Leon Bradley was upbeat last week until he recalled th…

The Morgan County sheriff and one of her deputies "deliberately misled" the court in obtaining search warrants, and along with others at the Sheriff's Office “endeavored to hide or cover up their deception and criminal actions under the color of law,” according to a judge's ruling.
Morgan County Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson issued the written ruling Friday dismissing the misdemeanor charge against fired Warden Leon Bradley after announcing from the bench Tuesday that he planned to do so.
“This order is significant because it demonstrates that abuses of power or office done under the color of law will not be tolerated within our county," said Nick Heatherly, Bradley’s attorney.
The ruling follows testimony from 11 witnesses April 20 and Tuesday. Thompson issued factual determinations that sided with witnesses whose testimony favored Bradley and rejected much of the testimony by Sheriff Ana Franklin, Sgt. Blake Robinson, Lt. Robert “Bones” Wilson and information technology employee Justin Powell.
Robinson had signed the affidavits relied upon by Thompson in issuing search warrants Oct. 4 and Oct. 5, 2016. Robinson and Franklin were present in meetings with the judge on both search warrants, and Wilson was present at one of the meetings, according to their testimony. Franklin and her deputies testified Daniel Lockhart, the grandson of blogger Glenda Lockhart of Falkville, had provided the Sheriff’s Office with information taken from his grandmother’s business. The Sheriff’s Office used this information to secure the search warrants.
Thompson ruled the Sheriff’s Office intentionally withheld facts from him when it requested the search warrants. The following information was withheld from the court, according to the ruling:
• That Daniel Lockhart was a paid agent of the Sheriff’s Office. Franklin paid him $300 and Wilson paid him $200, according to testimony at the hearing.
• That the Sheriff’s Office threatened to incarcerate Daniel Lockhart in its effort to secure his cooperation. Franklin testified that threats of arrest were made if he revealed his cooperation, but that they were appropriate and similar to threats made with other confidential informants.• That the Sheriff’s Office instructed Daniel Lockhart to enter his grandmother’s business, Straight Line Drywall, to remove documents and obtain computer and email passwords.
• That the Sheriff’s Office provided Daniel Lockhart with software to record keystrokes entered on Glenda Lockhart’s computer. Daniel Lockhart testified he received the keylogger from Powell. Powell admitted he provided the keylogger, but he and Franklin denied she knew about it.
• That Robinson maintained a perimeter at Straight Line Drywall so he could warn Daniel Lockhart if anyone approached while he was copying documents. Robinson admitted to this in court.
Thompson also found that the Sheriff’s Office tried to get numerous agencies to prosecute the case, including the Morgan County District Attorney’s Office, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency and the sheriff’s offices in Madison and Limestone counties. All of these agencies declined, according to the ruling. At the hearing, Etowah County sheriff’s investigator Steve McGlathery testified his department agreed to file charges for Morgan County. “I believed they lied to us, they used us,” McGlathery said.
Directly rejecting the truthfulness of her testimony, Thompson found that Franklin met with a Madison County deputy to seek assistance in the prosecution before the search warrants were issued, and that she indicated to him “that she was awaiting information to be provided by the keylogger.”
Franklin in her sworn testimony denied meeting with Madison deputies before the search warrant was issued, and she denied any knowledge of the keylogger. In ruling against her, Thompson accepted the testimony of Madison County Sheriff’s Capt. Michael Salomonsky and Morgan County Sgt. Kyle Wilson.
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  1. What happened to the links to the videoed testimony from the hearing? Didn't get the chance to see it yet and now I can't find them


    1. I didn't get to read them either. I was about half way through them and they were taken down. Sure would like to finish reading them.

  2. Ana, Mary Burrell, and Barney think they have Glenda all wrapped up. She has already named each of them in formal complaints along with Barney's buddy from DOL. Put her in jail she'll get out and continue naming you for what you are. She knows you have set her up for indictments and she will accept that. Tomorrow is another day. Ana's fat ass is going to jail...

  3. Isn't that the woman Ana bragged had her back?

  4. Glenda has a tape of Ana claiming she wants to run Glenda over with a bus. A clear threat on Glenda's life. Not only that I listened to the tape Ana wants to run Ziaja over with a bush hog so she can pop his head like a watermelon. Way to go Ana. So! who wants to kill who? It was novel when Ana made the statement to the press about being run over by a bus before her term as sheriff is up. Your term may be up tomorrow Ana. You deserve all the shit that comes your way. I hope Glenda finally uses that tape to have you charged.

    1. Pop Booger's head like a watermelon? My God, you want Glenda killed plus your ex-boyfriend?? You thought you were above the law, NO more Ana, you can not threaten people with attempts on their lives and expect you can get away with it any more. You are the most disgusting, irrefutable person that still says she is sheriff of Morgan County? NO MORE! Get the hell OUT!

  5. And by the way don’t plant a convicted felon on a nice quiet street to try to screw with Doug Key. He has since vacated the premises. Wonder why all in a weeks time. Try harder we weren’t born yesterday. Walking with flashlight late at night dressed in winter gear. With a backpack. Doug asked what he was doing. Walking to work on a Sat night. Valley Rubber he claimed. Doug said he’ll ill give you a ride. Guy refused to ride in front seat. Doug said sorry buddy you will ride in front. Get down to cedar cove grocery. Doug asked if he had ever been on wrong side of law. Yep. Did 5 years in ga pen for meth. Then he wanted him to drive him to wood plant in Falkville then he changed his story and said just bring me back home. Next day he drives by fast calling us Fing assholes. Now he is gone. True story we don’t lie

    1. I hope you disgusting, immoral, arrogant, shameless, rotten, sleazeballs......Ana, Bones, Blake, Powell, Berzett(s), Livingston, get what is coming to you soon. You have ruined the credibility of our good Morgan County Sheriff's Deputies that have still hung in there, doing their jobs through all of this because they have families to feed and bills to pay. They still have faith the Morgan County Sheriff's office can be redeemed and be respectable again, when you are gone. They have had to put up with all the humiliation and attacks from citizens because of YOU. You deserve to be under the jail.

  6. Scumbags is all this department is. Game over tomorrow losers No need to try to destroy anymore. I hope the Feds and state attorney general takes care of you tomorrow

  7. Hey what happened to the folks living up street on gravel road. They seem to have skeedaddle too in last few days

  8. Well what happened in court today?