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Sunday, May 13, 2018

There is No Greater Love Than a Mother's Love

Blogger Comments:  Mom, we are happy to have you home with us on this Mother's Day!!
 Never doubt the power and strength of a mother that has lost a child.  I love you, Patrick.

From an unknown author:


Thank You
When one’s child becomes a parent, It opens up many memories and doors,
Thoughts, feelings, and gratitude
Surface that were never present before.
Reflections ensue,
And “ah ha” moments come to light,
Such as the endless depth of unconditional parental love,
And the tireless effort to always do right.
Like when rations are tight, But leaving nothing for yourself,
Ensuring your child’s belly is warm and full,
Because the importance is on their life and health.
Like respecting your child to make,
Decisions on their own,
And reinforcing and encouraging them that,
Their life should always set its own tone.
These are the things you did for me,
And the things, for my own, I will do.
There’s nothing as great as the unbounded love of parenting, And for that, and everything, I say, “Thank You.”



  1. Too bad, this would have been a great day for Alyssa and Erika to let mother Ana know how much she means to them in that orange jumpsuit behind metal bars.


  2. Today is a sad day for Mrs. childers who lost her son .because people that played god and took her sons life and covered it up .

  3. Today was a sad day for mrs.childers ,and many more,because some people who know who they are took her sons life without a thought.and every day for the rest of her life will be the same.

  4. Did the future former sheriff really ask the MCSO staff to call her Mama Anna?