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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Judge Ruled

Folks, I believe the judge ruled fairly in the Leon Bradley Case.  Now the powers that be will determine what happens next.  It is greatly disappointing that some of the Anonymous comments are so cruel and mean-spirited. 

The whistleblowers have been called many names from those that lash out with mean-spirited comments.  Please let the legal system work through the process and make the determinations of what happens next.  The family members who haven't been associated with wrongdoing by those that were identified in the hearing do not deserve what you are doing to them and their children.

We continue to encourage Blake and JP to go across the river.  Self-report your actions and what you know.  It can't hurt at this point. 

We beg the Anonymous folks that are coming out with the nasty comments to please stop.  Otherwise, we will block the comments.


  1. Is someone, anyone from the Sheriffs Office going to jail? How many taxpayer manhours has been spent on this from how many agencies? How many manhours paid that were never worked by the Sheriffs Office? When will the fraud waste and abuse stop?

  2. In the world of politics it never stops.

  3. Thank you I love this post truly thank you

  4. I guess they are seen as guilty by association.