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Friday, May 25, 2018

The Empire Strikes Back

Well, folks, for the third day in a row, our embattled sheriff made the front page of the Daily.  She's probably thanking her favorite god, Mammon, that the Daily doesn't publish on Saturdays.  Her most recent attorney has entered a 34-page brief, asking that Judge Thompson's ruling be overturned.  Having read the entire brief, we are grateful for Eric's synopsis.
Here's the link:

Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin’s former warden was guilty, the judge who dismissed his case acted improperly and a blogger’s computer was wiped clean before evidence could be collected, according to a court filing Thursday by the sheriff’s lawyer.
In a wide-ranging motion filed in Morgan County, Franklin’s attorney asked that an April 27 order by Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson be stricken. The motion also revealed that state Deputy Attorney General Matt Hart, who has prosecuted numerous elected officials, recently directed Franklin to “preserve and maintain all materials” related to search warrants she obtained in October 2016 on the residence of then-Warden Leon Bradley and the business of blogger Glenda Lockhart.
It’s the first time Franklin has publicly fought back against Thompson’s order dismissing charges against Bradley. The order, which came after two days of testimony, found that Franklin “deliberately misled this court for the purposes of obtaining search warrants” and that she and three subordinates “endeavored to hide or cover up their deception and criminal actions under the color of law.”
So, while we face a wet three-day weekend, when thankfully all government offices, banks, post offices will be closed , no legal business can take place.  But you can bet there will be client meetings and skulduggeries plotted and mischiefs planned.  And all the while, our sheriff will continue to feed at our expense.


  1. The more guilty she looks the more outrageous she becomes. Lol, who is she calling crazy?

  2. Lock them up already

  3. They have ruined the respect and trust to ever wear another badge again. Maybe an orange name tag badge in the pen

  4. Funny how if you exercise your 5th Amendment right to Morgan County deputies they accuse you of obstructing and not cooperating while they dog cuss you out. But none of them have anything to say when Ana does it.


  5. This is the lowest pos that has ever walked on earth. She is only hurting herself more and continues to steal money every chance she gets. If she was half the woman she thinks she is then she and the ,3 stooges would turn in all equipment and leave the MCSO in a much better place than she found it

  6. And the daily keeps printing...nice! 333 times they plead the 5th. Shhh everyone...nobody heard the last hearing right? Someone wants to now be quiet after they were caught with their pants down. Ana, if you didn't know about a keylogger until after the first hearing...I did not at anytime see that you address this issue to your team even after you supposedly found out. You didnt do anything about it. Over a year now and you didn't do not a damn thing. That's because you knew about it to begin with. Just to help you out...if you knew about it during any course of the time and did nothing...isn't that guilt by association? Nevermind the fact you're mama Ana (lol) but you are responsible for your team. O.k. o.k. I'm not a lawyer, I'm just saying you are a bullshitter.

    1. It's tacky to bullshit with people who see it for a living and know it..ummm, I kinda think you know that too, yet, your pulling shit out of your azz like half of the real criminals do. Wow, what a conundrum!

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