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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Our Sources

Folks, we have been told that the Private Investigative Agency Sheriff Ana Franklin hired to follow the whistleblowers was paid for out of Morgan County Sheriffs Office money.  Could that be true?

Why would the sheriff hire a private investigator?  She is the sheriff, you know.  This is the sheriff that placed Bones in the Drug Task Force.  The Enforcer, the investigator for most of the employees Franklin wanted to get rid of.  Franklin had all of this investigative power at her fingertips yet she hires private investigators to conduct her investigations.

She also has Robinson investigating on the side.  Franklin and Bones appear to be the money men that paid Daniel.  Justin Powell comes along in the end and finishes the mix with his information technology expertise, and still, these disgraced law enforcement officers believe they did nothing wrong.

Wake up Morgan County.   Get these sorry low life law enforcement officers out of our county and into prison.


  1. What is the next step now that she has pleaded the fifth? Doesn't this incriminate her even more? I thought she blasted out to the media and social media that she couldn't wait till her day in court? Now she wont get that chance. Does this grand jury hear the evidence and give the judge a ruling? When will that take place? She needs to be removed now and this just seems like a stall tactic so she can finish her term. I hope not. Instead of a rodeo she needs to host a circus, cause this is just what she has turned Morgan County into. Be gone Anna

    1. Just remember....
      This from the US Supreme Court: Seeking the protection of the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination cannot be interpreted as an admission of guilt by a Court, and it should not be interpreted in that manner by members of the general public.

      We must condemn the practice of imputing a sinister meaning to the exercise of a person’s constitutional right under the Fifth Amendment. The right of an accused person to refuse to testify, which had been in England merely a rule of evidence, was so important to our forefathers that they raised it to the dignity of a constitutional enactment, and it has been recognized as “one of the most valuable prerogatives of the citizen. We scored the assumption that those who claim this privilege are either criminals or perjurers. The privilege against self-incrimination would be reduced to a hollow mockery if its exercise could be taken as equivalent either to a confession of guilt or a conclusive presumption of perjury. A witness may have a reasonable fear of prosecution and yet be innocent of any wrongdoing. The privilege serves to protect the innocent who otherwise might be ensnared by ambiguous circumstances.

    2. Oh, I completely agree...Ana is the epitome of innocence!

    3. Until proven guilty. It says so right there on the MCSO web page. Oh, she's guilty alright and the 5th Amendment won't protect her from the other part of the amendment: due process and she's going to get that good and hard.

    4. I understand the fifth amendment right. But, at this point most of us can agree in this matter it's being used for another reason. Don't forget, those she's arrested were suppose to go through a system of innocent until proven guilty. But, instead were considered guilty until innocence was proven. Trust me when I tell you of the things they will do...well, let's get real...what they are still trying to do to the whistleblower and anyone else they can destroy who call them out.
      It is also obvious Ana's only defense is "they are trying to kill me."
      It looks ridiculous to ensinuate it when its obvious what the whistleblower was doing all that time. Big difference between calling out your corruption and trying to kill you.

  2. I heard that the county insurance has dropped Ana. What will she do now? Try to find someone hopefully to insure her with all the criminal cases coming up on her? Will she use the sheriff's office funds again??? How much more of this do we have to take with her using OUR tax monies?