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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

More on the whistleblower saga

Blogger Comments:  Folks please click on the URL below for additional information.  I find it interesting that the sheriff made the statement that it is real easy for somebody to just make an allegation on social media and the media picks it up and there's no way to defend yourself.

Please take the time to read the Facebook page Franklin set up for the sheriff's office.  Look at all the allegations Sheriff Franklin has made through the years about the people arrested in Morgan County.  Many of those folks went to court and were cleared of all charges.  Sheriff Franklin did not post the final disposition of those cases; however, she has just now begun stating that all persons listed on the MCSO FB are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  That's because the shoe is now on the other foot.

Sheriff Ana Franklin had every opportunity to defend herself in Warden Leon Bradley's hearing a couple of weeks ago.  All they were required to do is explain to the court what legal and lawful actions they took to determine that the warden had committed crimes and that they had gotten the information from his home lawfully to obtain a warrant to search his home and property.

Warden Bradley is one of the finest men I have ever met.  I respect him and consider him a friend.  I can't imagine how humiliating this chapter in his life has been. His reputation has been dragged thru the mud.  I would have expected Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones, Blake, and JP to walk up to Leon after the court proceedings and say a few simple words.  I am sorry for what I did to you.


 “It’s real easy for somebody to just make an allegation and then that’s the truth,” Sheriff Franklin told WAAY 31. “By the time it gets spread all over social media, by the time the media picks it up and does any questions on it. And there’s no way to defend yourself.”
As for Glenda Lockhart, she insists the law officers turned into law breakers.
“And I'm hoping that at some point, we'll see justice."


  1. She surrounded herself with criminal thugs before even taking office. Her convinced felon cousin Greg Steenson gave her 1500 towards her campaign. Hmmm makes you wonder....

    1. They're both pathological liars.

  2. Im over wondering. How in blue blazes can everybody be wrong but Ana?

    1. Apparently everybody is crazy...see Glenda, you have company now. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Luther Strange! We are ALL crazy I guess. Ana's world is getting smaller. By the way, great post.

  3. Them crazy disrespectful fools on bad cops exposed are so disgusting. All they post is stuff thst hurts families and causes hate and discontent. Hopefully they will be shut down soon