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Friday, May 18, 2018


Blogger Comments:  Folks as we were preparing to post the Daily article we received a notice from someone who thinks he knows what is about to happen in two Grand Jury hearings next week.  He acted as if he knows what he is talking about.

I had this dream, and as I constantly remind my partner that I am not responsible for what I dream, here's what it was. Defenders of the sheriff who are no longer in power (ex-governor, ex-state AG and soon to be ex-senator, another ex-state AG,) and certain wealthy and influential South Alabamians, puppet-meisters all, formed a cabal or was it a coven to determine how to protect an embattled sheriff (and themselves). Whew.

You see the sheriff has absolutely no chance to avoid being indicted for a multitude of high crimes and misdemeanors. The group all recognized that indictment equals conviction down here and the only way to head that off is to discredit the one person who is at the center of the disclosure, the person (actually the several persons who make up the Baker Street Irregulars----the whistleblowers) who dug, cajoled, and published the cancelled checks, the phony audits, the lies, etc). But how to do it? The whistleblowers finally got the local, state, and national media following the exploits of this plucky grandmother who has kings and congressmen shaking in their Gucci;s.

What to do. Calling on the Dark Side (there is one, you know) they determine to insert an agent into the mixture, an agent whose cover is as a Devil's Advocate/Internal Affairs agent to (1) ensure that the Bureau personnel on site were in the right lanes and following protocols and (2) investigate the allegations that the whistleblower had plotted with others to harm the sheriff, sabotage her vehicles, and, incredibly, wander thru her house unopposed while she, the senior law enforcement officer in the county, apparently cowered in her bed, clutching her peignoir to her breast, unable to scream for help. You buying this drivel? Neither did ALEA and the current State AG. One can still hear the laughter. But the agent is here, striking fear in the innocent and relief to the guilty, scaring hell out of everybody.

Now the STATE grand jury for Ana and crew is Monday, May 21. But the FEDERAL grand jury to consider the whistleblowers alleged misdeeds meets THE SAME DAY!!! Wow. What a coincidence.

Well, (now pay attention, class) so if the STATE grand jury indicts Ana and company, and the FEDERAL grand jury indicts Glenda and others, the puppet-meisters have their plan ready. They know the President can’t pardon a state conviction and the Governor won’t. So they use the Federal indictment to taint the state indictment enough to throw the trial out of whack and the guilty go free and the innocent face Federal charges and the agents who were in the right but backed the wrong horse have their professional asses handed to them.

And then I woke up,


  1. I was on board until the part about Glenda and the whistleblowers being indicted. I don't see a jury indicting someone when the feds will testify in their favor. People may call Glenda crazy, but I assure you that she's one of the most strategic people you will meet.

    Glenda has been in contact with the correct people for a good while. They would not have let her veer off course even if she wanted to. So in closing, Ana and gang being indicted? Absolutely! Glenda being indicted? It would take some very shady stuff. Which is possible with this bunch.

  2. It's a decent day dream I guess for someone who does not know all of the facts. I imagine those will come out in the hearing.

  3. Who sings that song Monday Monday lala. This Sheriff deserves all heading her way