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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Get out and vote

Folks,  we will soon be going to the polls to vote.  Please make your vote count.  We hear in Morgan County have had our issues over the past 7 1/2 years.  Our county has been raped by Sheriff Ana Franklin and her cohort since the day she was sworn in by Judge Jennifer Howell in January 2011.

We are losing two of the best judges that ever sit on the bench in Morgan County.  Judge Thompson and Judge Haddock did not seek reelection.  We suppose they have seen enough in the past two years to last a lifetime.  Judge Thompson did not deserve the slap in the face he got from three of the most corrupt law enforcement officers.

Let's make Morgan County proud again.  We have some great opportunities to grow and rebuild a slump in population over the past few years.  That is if we can keep people like Billable Barney away from the negotiations.

Wake up on June 5, and get out and vote.  We the citizens get to chose our candidates for office.  You can't complain about what we get unless you participate.

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