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Thursday, May 24, 2018


Blogger Comments:  Ana pled the fifth in the whistleblower civil suit.  That is what the Decatur Daily article is about.  She didn't in the Warden Bradly hearing a few weeks back.  We must sit back and wait for the next steps to proceed whatever that may be. 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Our Sources": 

What is the next step now that she has pleaded the fifth? Doesn't this incriminate her even more? I thought she blasted out to the media and social media that she couldn't wait till her day in court? Now she wont get that chance. Does this grand jury hear the evidence and give the judge a ruling? When will that take place? She needs to be removed now and this just seems like a stall tactic so she can finish her term. I hope not. Instead of a rodeo she needs to host a circus, cause this is just what she has turned Morgan County into. Be gone Anna 

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  1. So again what are the next steps? Does this grand jury also her the evidence on this case? Will the judge be Thompson? If not who? And is there any timetable established going forward as to when next steps will be taken. Also someone tell Bones his ugly tail stands out everywhere he goes. Get a wig, or a skirt. Something.