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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Darrell Childers - Sheriff - Morgan County

Folks, you know how we feel about Darrell Childers for sheriff.  Please watch his video from the URL below.  We are also rooting for Jacob Roberts as the next Morgan County Circuit Judge Place 2, and Tommy Battles as Governor of the State of Alabama.  God Bless Morgan County and the State of Alabama as a whole.

p.s.  We never said we're impartial.


  1. Sad for Cavnar. Sad is Cavnar saying he won't take Ray Long's 25K. Cavnar wants to start off as sheriff being Billy Bad Ass and show Ray Long whose boss. Sad. Good plan Cavnar. This race is between Puckett and Childers.

    1. I'd rather him take the salary than use it as a campaign promise. I'd rather he use another campaign promise like..."I"m going to take my salary and NOTHING ELSE" or "instead of talking about trancparency, I'm going to show you through action." You don't have to like the word in order to do it! Anyway, good luck to all!