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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Computer Forensics Done Right

Too late now, of course, to have any impact on the late unpleasantness with Ana and her computer shenanigans with Leon Bradley or the whistleblower, but the FBI has opened another facility at Quantico South AKA Redstone Arsenal.  The Forensics Lab looks to provide state of the art forensics to area law enforcement.  Here's the intro but the whole article is worth your time.  Here's the link:

FBI targets computer crimes with new lab in Huntsville

The FBI unveiled a new weapon in Alabama to fight crime on Wednesday, a computer forensics lab at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville with more than $3 million in high-tech equipment designed to detect digital clues.
The lab even has the capability to retrieve data from a seemingly destroyed cell phone, FBI Special Agent Todd Spiker said.
The Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory is the first of its kind in the southeast and the newest of 17 such facilities around the country.
Four local law enforcement agencies - Huntsville police the sheriff departments from Etowah and Madison counties as well as the Alabama National Guard Counterdrug - are partners with the FBI, providing personnel to be stationed at the lab.
The facility is currently a collecting of modular buildings but plans call for a permanent structure in a few years, according to Johnnie Sharp, FBI Special Agent in Charge in Birmingham.
"As we see with the advent of technology becoming more and more complex, more and more of our criminals are using sophisticated technology," Sharp said. "And what we typically see is our state and local partners don't have the technical capabilities to do the digital forensic analysis of those types of devices. So it's imperative to have partnerships such as these that we bring the subject matter expertise as a force multiplier together.

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