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Friday, May 11, 2018

Campaign Signs are being stolen

Folks, I can't understand why someone is busy taking campaign signs of some of the candidates unless you are worried that their name and their capabilities for office worries you.

Please refrain from taking campaign signs.  The candidates are hard-working men and women whose only desire is to serve the citizens of our county.

It isn't just the signs of Darrell Childres that are being taken but those of candidates in other than the sheriff's office race.

If anyone is aware of who is taking the signs please let us know.  If you have pictures we will post them.


  1. I can't understand why the bad cops exposed page can't get the hint that their credence is not needed in marshell whites case. The family has almost begged these idiots to stop trying to find out what the suicide note said ,like it's some of there damn business.we have pleaded with this to stop posting the trash that they post and the disrespectful and disgusting idiots continue to act like they are some kind of detectives or something. Please if you know them ask them to stop....stop spreading hate and rumors about my family. Just stop

  2. How many signs by even law enforcement are being illegally displayed in places they should not be like mounted on telephone poles or on private property where permission was not obtained. Attached to road signs? It’s rather embarrassing.

  3. Here video of a candidate stealing a sign

  4. We can always set booby traps.


    1. yeah a Shot Gun on a Shoe String Interesting for Sheriff

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  6. Is that James R. Bowling in the video above? That guy has run for everything and lost at least 5 or 6 times. I thought he was a Democrat.