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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Another Politician We Should Hail This Year is Senator Arthor Orr

Though Senator Author Orr is not up for reelection this year he spearheaded and successfully pushed a bill through that give Morgan County citizens the right to vote on the very serious issue of Sheriffs in Morgan County from partaking of inmate food funds.

Folks, it is very important that we get out and vote.  Vote for stopping less than honest sheriffs from legally stealing inmate food funds.

It is time for the citizens of Morgan County to say no to sheriffs who take the money that the citizens, the state,  and the federal government sets aside for feeding inmates.

Let's take back the funds set aside for feeding the inmates in the Morgan County Jail.  Thank You, Senator Orr, for giving we the citizens an opportunity to stop an antiquated law that should have been modified years ago. 

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