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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

When did Ziaja have time to perform his day job?

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Folks, we first blogged about Riski Business on 5/22/2016.  We set out several months before tracking down the boat.  We ended up at the Decatur Marina looking for the boat that Ziaja and Sheriff Ana Franklin and been seen in with Greg Steenson.  Unfortunately, Ziaja and Steenson had cleaned the boat aka yacht out the day before we arrived at the Marina.  We were told that the boat had been moved to Florence, Alabama where we tracked it down.

When Ziaja wasn't working at Performance Auto Sales he was helping to move the Riski Business.  Keep the Riski Business in mind there is more to come....

09/12/2016 we posted the below pictures of Ziaja hard at work selling vehicles, boats, and more for the Performance Auto Sales.

When did Ziaja have time to perform his real job?

Steven Ziaja showing off the vehicle for sale at Sheriff Ana Franklin's house

These two vehicles are from Title Mart Auto Sales
More pics of Tahoe at Sheriff Ana Franklin's house
 Was this pontoon boat for sale at the Title Mart, or was this boat sold from the over car lot that Ziaja was a part of?


  1. Lots of these pictures were taken at Mackey Nesmith's.

  2. Ana told press she didn't know steenson at time she stole inmate food funds. Lie people say her and Steven and steenson enjoyed several trips on the lake in this very boat

  3. Hell, Ana's related to, Ana's daughter (Alyssa) also worked for him!

  4. I test drove that jeep.

    1. It must have taken considerable restraint not to have purchased it.

    2. He wanted like 6499.00 for it and I thought that was to much