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Thursday, April 12, 2018

What's happening to the Drug Task Force

Folks, we hear rumors that the Drug Task Force may be disbanded.  Why? Bones took an organization that Howard Battles built through hard work and dedication and turned it into a disgrace.  Howard was able to obtain grants for the Drug Task Force for years before retiring.  He left all of his back up material as examples for those responsible of submitting the grants.  Unfortunately due to lazyness the sheriff's office decided to use the commission as a source for funding instead of applying a little elbo grease and common sense in submitting for grants.

The lazy butt Bones and the Sheriff apparently ignored applying for grants and took little initiative to do more than rake in overtime.

Morgan County needs a Drug Task Force but major changes need to be made to the force along with plenty of education and training, the responsibility of turning their true stats into the State for accountability.

It would not hurt for these folks to take some human relations training as well. 

The drug task force has been made up of all white men.  It is about time that the sheriff's office learns how to spell diversity.  White men are not the only ones busted in the county for METH and other illicit drugs.  We need men and women of color as well as someone who is trained in the Hispanic language. 

The entire MCSO could use more diversity as a whole. 

When Sheriff Franklin took office most folks were excited because Franklin had the ability to bring a lot of change to the MCSO.  As the first woman sheriff in our county, we were delivered a sack of coal instead of a sack of gold. 

It wasn't long before things started going south.  Folks, we are talking way south.

Will our county every regain enough trust to place another female sheriff in office?  We believe so.  One bag of coal does not make an entire gender and will not keep females out of the race in the future.

Sheriff Franklin style or lack of style of management has taken out county way back in time.


  1. Only one of them lately was deserving and experienced enough to be there anyway. Sure it will come back after Ana is gone with new folks not corrupted by Bones. Did Ana lie when she said grants were not available or was the truth those in charge were to stupid lazy and criminal to get them or was it the oversight they may cause?

  2. It was nothing but laziness and lack of knowledge. Let us steal all we can as quickly as we can. Hide it. Pad our pockets and blame it on someone else. It's flabbergasting she is even holding a rodeo this year

  3. Someone said she is having a mason Harley group out of Falkville sponsoring special needs rodeo. I hope she has some darn good liability insurance. Last I checked Harley's and horses don't jive. She has enough lawsuits. County doesn't need to pay for anymore

  4. Then Bones finally did something worthwhile. This country needs to end the war on drugs. It's a health crisis, not a criminal one.

  5. Wonder how Danny Mcdanial feels about being forced out to make room for Bones? Will he talk or has he already? Ana pushed him out and moved Bones because the funding for narcotics is gone. No it’s not County Commission it is theft and mismanagement issues that caused this and Danny Mcdanial to be pushed out. My how they turn on each other. Just like Ana has everything set up to walk away and blame everything on everyone else. No doubt they are guilty but for Ana to try to weasel out of it and blame the others is low for even her. Being as low as she is may cause widening issues. Poor thing!

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