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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Speaking of Good People

Blogger Comment:  Want to know why Sheriff Franklin selected Judge Glen Thompson?  Because she knew that in having Judge Thompson sign the search warrant their case would be believable and credible because Judge Thompson has an incredible reputation and nobody in the county would doubt their case.  The sheriff lied.  She lied to Judge Thompson and multiple other law enforcement agencies.  How many times as the sheriff lied in court?  What was her ultimate goal?   Why does sheriff Franklin continue to maintain that the whistleblower tried to kill her?  We hear that everywhere we go.  Folks, they watched me on an almost daily basis it seemed. They hired private investigators to watch me.  Rick Sherman and I received a death threat.  Surely to the Good Lord if they did tap our office and our telephone lines they got something credible out of the communications.  From my understanding, Franklin has gone to multiple surrounding counties and to the State Attorney General's office with these claims.

We said from the beginning of the blog that we do not condone violence and that still rings true today.  

In closing, Thank You, Judge Thompson, for setting the record straight.

Court ruling slams sheriff, deputies

  • By Eric Fleischauer Metro Editor
  • Updated 


    1. I think since they all lied that anybody that has a case and any of these liers are part of it that it should be dismissed immediately. Once a lier alwY a lier

    2. Ana says Judge Thompson is wrong. Ana go arrest him. Go fire him. Go run him off. How about taking care of those pesky federal folks also. They don’t need their jobs either right? Kind of like that stupid state trooper who defiantly tried to pull over Berzett who you tried to have fired or reassigned. How dare judges or law enforcement cross you. Do they not realize you are the Sheriff? No one dare question your authority or actions. How many good people destroyed and corruptable caused to go criminal? How many family members will go down with her other than her cousin? She believes her lies. A person like that believing her own lies, with the title of Sheriff, is very dangerous to society. Will she go postal? Will Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Justin “ JP” Powell go off the deep end? When will the madness end?