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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Priceville Partners, LLC vs Steven Ziaja

Blogger Comments:  Folks, it looks like Steven Ziaja is accused of owing Priceville Partners, LLC a whopping $200,608.25.   

Remember all of the promissory notes Ziaja submitted to the Probate Judges Office?  All of those notes were claims that Ziaja loaned Priceville Partners, LLC money exceeding 500K.  Instead, it appears that there was something a little more sinister going on.


  1. And the money Steven replayed to Ana and Ana has in a Cullman bank even though it is supposed to be Morgan County money belongs to who? So very confusing. Criminal activity and theft all around and they are hiding it and innocent how? Impeachment proceedings yet? Don’t let her walk away with all she and her various man friends have done.

  2. I'm glad I wiggled my way out of having sex with her fat ass now. I could have wound up in trouble to

    1. Yes, thank God for that. But honestly, nobody cares about any sexual exploits that you did NOT have with Ana.

    2. I honestly DO care cause I might have wound up in a tight spot and not one of Anna's either. But Alyssa was a different story. I didn't wiggle out of it with her but maybe I should have seeing that she's in trouble to now

    3. Yeah, well, the rest of us DON’T care. So either spill the beans completely or stop sharing old war stories about how you coulda, shoulda, woulda slept with Ana, Alyssa, Erika, Lulu or whoever.