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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Morgan sheriff still dealing with bankruptcy aftermath By Eric Fleischauer Metro Editor Apr 22, 2018 Updated 7 hrs ago

Blogger Comments can be seen in blue after excerpts from the Decatur Daily Article.

Excerpts from the Decatur Daily states that: 

"William Gray, a Birmingham lawyer who represents Franklin, Robinson and Lt. Robert “Bones” Wilson, said Saturday he did not attend the hearing, but based on media reports it appeared to go far afield from its narrow legal purpose.
“The issues should have been confined to those matters that were set by the judge to be heard before the judge,” Gray said of the testimony. “If I’m there to talk about a warrant on Mr. Bradley, I shouldn’t have to talk about issues on anything else.”
Folks, another great article from the daily.  It appears that Sheriff Franklin, Bones Wilson, and Blake Robinson's attorney William Gray is somewhat critical of the way the hearing is going on the motion to dismiss proceeding against Warden Bradley.  In my opinion, the case stayed right on track.  To fully understand what led up to how and why the warrants came about, it was necessary to explain what motivated the sheriff and her lead investigators.  The testimony revealed a lot about the methods and techniques the sheriff used in obtaining evidence to obtain the warrants.  Attorneys Tuten and Heatherly built the sequence of events up to the issuance of the search warrants in a manner that detailed how the sheriff and her co-conspirators obtained the warrants under false pretenses.  The law enforcement officers from Etowah and iMadison Counties testified truthfully.  They made it clear that they were told about the Keylogger software that was installed on the blogger's computers.   The Madison County Investigator said that he was told by the Morgan County law enforcement officers that they needed to analyze the data from the Keylogger Software to justify obtaining a warrant.   All in all, it was a solid presentation.  I expect to hear more of the same when the proceedings convene on Tuesday morning.  
Attorney Gray went on to say that he represents Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, and Blake Robinson in the Priceville Partners, LLC issues.  Since Bones and Blake were not charged by the Bankruptcy Trustee does that mean that they are worried about possible criminal charges?
It is embarrassing to think that Sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, Justin Powell, and Blake Robinson represent the people of Morgan County.  They have almost successfully destroyed the reputation of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  Except for the fact that there are a lot of good employees, deputies, clerks, corrections officers, investigators, and Bili that came together to hold the sheriff's office together with true grit and determination.  


  1. Ana and her stooges are losing it faster than Conor McGregor attacking a bus.

  2. I told you months ago kelso was a stand up guy looks like he proved it by some of the testimony by others

  3. I don’t think the Whistleblower(s) are saying different about Kelso. Some are a little slower than others but that doesn’t make them not a stand up guy.

  4. Here’s something I don’t understand:
    If that Birmingham lawyer represents Ana, Blake and Bones...then why was he not there Friday? If all 3 of them are his clients, and this hearing was a pretty big deal...then why didn’t he think it was important enough to even show up?! And then, on top of that...he wants to complain about the questioning...after the fact (when he wasn’t even there)? None of that makes any sense.

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