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Friday, April 6, 2018

Loud and Clear

Blogger Comments: Folks, we hope the message from the Grand Jury is loud and clear to our lawmakers.  Change the dang laws and hold people accountable.  Otherwise, why are you in the position your in?

Are we the citizens held to a higher standard than our elected officials?  Of course, we are.  We would be in prison for years if we did the things these white collar criminals are doing.  

Check out the paragraph written by Archibald about whistleblowers.  If you want to become a whistleblower be prepared to suffer the consequences.  

Political policing in the Ala-Banana Republic


  1. "...the grand jury sent another message to potential whistleblowers in the state's executive branch: If you see something wrong and you tell anyone, this office has the power to mess with you in ways that could ruin your career, leave you bankrupt and give you nightmares for the rest of your life. And that's if you don't wind up in jail."

    It sounds to me like whistleblowing in general is frowned upon. Nobody wants the truth coming instead of supportively encouraging people to come forward and tell the truth, that's actually discouraged. And rather strongly, too, I might add.

  2. The can go fukc themselves. Corrupt pigs must be shut down and i mean immediatly