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Monday, April 23, 2018

In regards to Danny Kelso

Folks, we can't tell you enough that Blake Robinson is as low as they get.  The whistleblowers have always thought highly of Kelso.  It makes us sick that Bones and Blake conducted surveillance of the FBI to obtain information about those who may be going to the FBI office.

It angers me that Blake went to Kelso's house to question him.  Kelso is a decent guy and all this does for us is revealed once again what slimeballs Blake and Bones are.  

When will Blake and Bones realize they followed the wrong path full of empty promises from a deadbeat sheriff.

How sad this mess has become.  People willing to give up their families, careers, livelihood, and possibly their freedom.

Our best wishes to Danny for being a standup guy.


  1. Hang the low lifes from a tall tree with a short rope!!!

  2. Did kelso get the ax? He was such a good guy. These goons need more than prison

  3. No, but he did get removed from a job that he's been doing for several years. He was placed on a normal shift in the jail, while others were promoted above Kelso. He's been there forever, and is capable of doing any job at the department. However, Cowboy Troy said he didn't have the experience to be a Lieutenant. Kelso can do a better job than most who hold an APOST Certification.

    1. As is the case with many, I am sure things will soon be made right. I just hope all the Morgan County employees show up in court tomorrow and hear the conclusion of what will surely be a big part of historic cases. Then, on to the task of rebuilding the Sheriffs Office after the destructive behavior and actions of Ana and gang.

  4. Kelso is one of many who did not get the credit they deserve and ended up with a raw deal in this disasterous criminal administration lead by Ana Franklin. There are many good jailers and Deputies. Many devoted honest professionals at the Sheriffs Office. Maybe finally as Ana and gang disappears from the picture the real true professionals can shine versus the push button yes boys. Hang in there guys. Ana and gang are all but powerless now and almost gone. I bet their bags are all but packed. There is some serious work ahead to get the Sheriffs Office in shape for the new Sheriff and after he gets here. We have been saying this all along but it did admittedly take longer than most all of us thought. It’s more than just Ana, Blake, Bones and Justin. You all know who you are. Don’t go away mad kicking and screaming just turn your gear in and walk away. If you are not law enforcement or a jailer when you are arrested it’s not as likely to hit the news. Best wishes to you all but see ya!

  5. Kelso ran that jail better than anybody ever has. He was a great guy that could defuse trouble just by talking.