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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Horse Talk Ana

The one thing our sheriff Ana Franklin has always had is the gift of gab.  It doesn't matter if it's horse talk, video, real-time news, or news articles.  Sheriff Franklin just like Greg Steenson can spin a tall story.  Dang, we sure do miss Ol treetrimmer.  Funny how treetrimmer's gift of gab stopped once he went to jail. It must be tough for Steenson to set in an old dirty jail cell with his obsessive-compulsive disorder for cleanliness.  He recently rented a condo on the lake and had the carpet replaced because it was frayed.  That's right folks.  Steenson cannot stand even getting his feet dirty.  Jail is not the place to be with those kinds of fetishes.

How would Ana handle jail time?  When she barks an order she expects those around her to jump to attention.  Will it work if she throws the F-bomb at the jailers?  What would Ana do if she is served the same kind of slop she serves the inmates?  How would Ana handle flip-flops, a towel, a bar of soap, an orange suit, three meals and a cot, a blanket and a pillow?  Sorry, Ana, there is no booze in the pokey.

We can't help but wonder while we wander.


  1. Rodeo is over.......time to resign. Game over. Ana gave it her best shot to ruin anyone in her way. Ana lost her freedom in the end as did all those who helped her.
    So much wild crazy stuff for so long in the jail and beyond. Accountablity time and for all those males and females jail staff to the Sheriff, you may think no one knows. How wild and crazy out of control. Going to be a lot of work to get the Sheriffs Office and county back under control.

  2. That's clever, Blake! You sure showed her!