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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Excerpts from yesterday's Decatur Daily Article and my editorial

Blogger Comments:  Folks, this is a must read article written on April 20, 1018.  Excerpts from the article reveal a very confused Morgan County Investigator.  Sitting in the courtroom yesterday I saw three pathic law enforcement officers who believed so much in the Morgan County Sheriff that they were willing to lie and destroy peoples lives and businesses to reach their own greed goals.  

My little rant before excerpts from the Daily is as follows:

I am angry.  Our family has struggled, our business has suffered, and we have lived from payday to payday believe that in the Grace of God that we will be able to pay our employees and keep our doors open.  When Franklin and her band of thieves set out to destroy me it wasn't just me it was our business and our employees and their family that has been at stake. Did sheriff Franklin try to shut our company down?  I believe so.  I also believe that she or one of her thiefdom insiders sent our business records to the Department of Labor.  We went through a long tedious stressful audit.  

I personally contacted Department of Labor (DOL) and inquired about Freedom of Information Act Open Record Request that was sent to them that had not been answered.  The  Birming-ham representative made it clear they could not release any information to us regarding the complaint.  During the conversation, he admitted that he was aware of the issues between me and Sheriff Ana Franklin.  He made a comment that I found odd.  He said something to the effect that everything turned out well and that nobody died.  He wasn't arrogant it, just appeared that it was no big deal.  You know it is a big deal.  I lost my youngest child in the middle of this mess.  I was forced to go through a long drawn out audit because the coward that submitted the complaint via email was trying to destroy my life and my business. I feel confident that we will find out that portions of our company certified payroll was attached to that email.  Thanks to Representative Mo Brooks and his office for submitting our complaint to DOL.  We got a portion of the answer.  I believe we will get much more detailed information down the road.

This type of conduct is not unusual when an agency believes that they are dealing with reputable law enforce.  I hope that is what happened in the case of the audit.  However, it is somewhat concerning that our FOIA request revealed that all attempts made by DOL to contact the person behind the email failed after the email was submitted to their office.

Now that I am through with my own editorial back to Excerpts from the Decatur Daily:

Separate testimony by Lt. Bob "Bones" Wilson indicated that he was with Robinson when they identified Kelso's vehicle in the parking lot. When Bradley's lawyer, Nick Heatherly, quizzed him about his later contacts with Kelso, Robinson asked if he should plead the Fifth.
"To plead the Fifth, you don't get to pick and choose when you do that," Thompson said from the bench.
"I wasn't aware I was going to be asked something in front of an investigator," Robinson said, referring to Hendon. "I want to know my rights."
"The way it works is you're a witness and he's asking questions and there's nothing inappropriate about the questions," Thompson said. "What's so complicated about that question?"

Hearing involving Morgan sheriff includes accusations of lies, talk of taking Fifth


  1. I wonder if Blake was wearing his boxing gloves in court yesterday. Does anybody still think he wants a toe-to-toe fist fight with the FBI?

    1. He never did want a fight with anybody to be honest. He is all talk and all bullshit.i think it is hilarious to say the least.

    2. He was scared and had no problem lying to the court but wasn’t happy he had to testify in front of the FBI. He showed how much he was frightened of the FBI vs how willing he was to fight. So much hot air. Let’s hear Ana sing now.

  2. Blake is a joke... just like the rest of Ana's clown crew.

  3. It's great knowing, that we have fine stand up law enforcement, who stood up for another great former law enforcement officer, Mr. Bradley. I know early on you went into great detail about all of this whistleblower, but somehow I'm still stunned with yesterday's revelations. I'm blown away by the maliciousness of it all! I don't have words. I can't express how thankful I am of everyone who has assisted in fixing this situation. We will restore what is broken and all learn from this. It's unfortunate many had to sacrifice a lot to do it :(

  4. Come with us to court on Tuesday at 9am to hear what Judge Thompson will have to say about this case. Truth exposed. The hard work of many being realized.

  5. Robinson has a little boy that sadly will grow up to be just like his pansy ass daddy.