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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Corrupt to the core

Folks, I am personally sickened at the testimony revealed in court this morning.  I was also surprised but not shocked to hear that plans were made to set up devices in my home to capture conversations and that one brave officer successfully stopped the action from occurring.  

It also saddens me that my grandson had to take a picture in our home to prove he was there.  The picture taken was of the memorial our family sat up in remembrance of our loved one that passed away.

The steps that were taken against me and Warden Leon Bradley go above and beyond anything the public could possibly believe.

Fired warden returns to court for hearing on Morgan sheriff's handling of leak investigation


  1. Ana, Blake, Bones and Barney are all insufferable. They deserve nothing less than to be arrested for what they've done and be held accountable for it.

  2. Yes and prison time as well

  3. What sickens me is that Judge Howell and some of the rest of Ana’s corrupt buddies get out of participanting with her in other forms of corruption...what about that Glenda? You know for a fact they have. Now that you’ve accomplished nailing Ana Franklin...why not expose ALL the corruption. By not doing so is doing the community a huge disservice!!! Judge Howell is up for reelection and her corruption will continue because she’s THAT narcissistic!

  4. Cavnar, is that you again? You are a big bad puss of a man. You want Glenda to expose Howell when you hid behind Glenda demanding she tell Henden that you want something done about Ana with your wife screaming in the background. I know I was with Glenda when the call came in. You want to know why she blocked you? Make your own demands to the Feds.