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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Bradley’s Ordeal

Blogger Comments:  Folks, when I read this story it upset me greatly.  Leon never spoke of the hardships he was dealing with throughout this entire ordeal.  To hear of his suffering and that of his family hurts deeply.  From the first time we met the warden in person, it was obvious that he is a fine Christian man.  He did not deserve the opening flogging he took for the sheriff and her deputies.  Recalling the first time we met in person we went to the warden's house.  We discussed things that were going on in the jail and with Sheriff Franklin.   The warden told me he just could not believe the things he heard about the sheriff.  We left him our telephone number and asked him to call if it turned out we were telling the truth.  That was the beginning of our contact.  What a lot of folks don't know is that at first we told the warden what was happening and once it information got around the jail he began to see it was truthful.

We are very proud of the Warden because we knew a lot of bad things ethical violations were prominent around the jail.  Three ladies loaded up and traveled to Montgomery and asked to speak to an investigator with the State Attorney General's Office.  We met with an investigator and delivered a large package of data to him.  We continued sending information to the state until we heard that the sheriff was briefing the information in open staff call.  We discontinued those efforts and took a different direction.  

It's been claimed that the whistleblower has been in a long-term battle with the sheriff.  That just isn't true.  It just didn't take me long to find out how corrupt she is.  We observed a lot of things that should not be happening.  The whistleblower worked hard in supporting Darrell Childers for sheriff in 2014 it was obvious that Sheriff Franklin did not care for Darrell or his dedication to the sheriff's office.  Darrell maintained his dignity throughout that election and has been more than honorable.  

When we started the blog we didn't expect much and never expected the number of viewers.  We suck at spelling so we're sure our readers got a lot of good chuckles.  What we did do was to post the information we received once we verified the information.  Sometimes we made mistakes.  Such as when we reported Deputy Smith purchased a car from the Title Mart.  He didn't but the previous owners of the house he bought did purchase a vehicle.   Their last names were Smith as well.

Before long we had numerous folks mailing, sending emails, and filling out the contact form online.  Many of those contacts sent pictures.  We also used alacourt to our benefit.  We met with people in nondisclosed places.  A lot of folks were scared to death of being seen with us.  We heard multiple stories about the mentally ill.  We heard plenty of stories about the sheriff cheating the employees out of their salaries.  We heard a lot about the inmates and the inmate's food funds being taken.

So, if you asked why Warden Leon Bradley got involved it was simply because he cared.  He cared about the MCSO employees, the inmates, and the treatment of the employees and the inmates.  We have heard the warden called a bleeding heart for the inmates.  No, folks, that's called compassion.  We are sure it is hard for a lot of people to understand what made so many of us, those in front and behind the scenes, do what we did.  Folks, it's called humanity.  Can you imagine what may have happened to citizens that we are not aware of?  

A lot of folks who work in jails and in positions such as the jail can become believers that all people that are in jail are bad.  A little secret for you.  They're not all bad that made mistakes.  Then there are those in positions of power that are sworn under oath to serve and protect that are far worse than most of those in the jail.

In closing, I can say that most law enforcement are good people.  In Morgan County, we have a mighty fine sheriff's office.  Unfortunately, those good employees have had to struggle to maintain and serve as best they could under some of the most strenuous conditions.

  • With charges dismissed, former warden recalls 18-month ordeal


    1. Is warden his first name or a job title?

      1. Warden is a job title. From rumor it may be Jail Adminastrator soon with the current Warden working nights answering to the new jail administrator. Cowboy is on his way out.

    2. Wonder if the public knows how many hours all of Ana’s gang are turning in but not working. They are all hardly ever at the office. Berzett, Livingston, Blake, Bones, and Ana are lying on EVERY timesheet that gets turned in. None are working 40 hours much less the overtime.