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Monday, April 16, 2018

Ana and Greg

Folks, Sheriff Franklin didn't know Greg Steenson was part owner of Priceville Partners, LLC.

If you believe Ana's story we have ocean front property in Arizona.  Will sell cheap or swap for Ana's Saraland property.  Call BR549.


  1. Or how about Blake the Flake who calls himself weaselcatcher26. He is no weasel catcher or catcher of anyone. Go fly your jail cell with Ana and the other criminals. All that weight you putting on you are outgrowing Blake the Flake. Maybe Blake Bumbling Blob. BBB 26 for short.

  2. Big time headlines on the way all across all media sources now. Ana you will go down in history and those who go with you will be little more than dirty cops busted. Wait is over. Now we wait only for the movie to come out.

    1. This is great news!

    2. Can you please give us a idea of what these headlines will look like? What is the new coming out this week? Will it not get postponed again?