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Monday, April 9, 2018

A comment from one of our readers

AnonymousApril 9, 2018 at 4:02 AM

Well, wish me luck. Today I'm "going across the river" to spill my beans. probably be an article in the Decatur daily in a few days. Hope I'm doing the right thing.

Blogger Comments:  

Anonymous if you are reaching out to the authorities you are doing the right thing.  

It is not too late folks to have your voice heard.  Each and every person that works for the Morgan County Sheriff's Office knows at least some of what is and has been going on for the past few years at the MCSO, the posse events, and with the rodeos.   

The employees are in more turmoil now than ever before.  There is nobody at the helm.  The employees are doing their best to hold the office together but our sources tell us that a lot of these hard-working folks are at the breaking point.  

Corley, the Chief Deputy, spends hours at a little cafe in Eva, apparently in no hurry to go to work.  Is it because he has been a big part of the acceptance party and backing Ana up at every turn?  Corley seems to enjoy sitting back and sipping coffee, watching all the corruption taking place while keeping mum about what he sees.  It also appears that Mike Corley intends to continue drawing a paycheck until the last curtain falls.  

Franklin sure doesn't have much love for Corley, Bili, or Livingston based on the communications that have been shared with us.  

My question has been and still is how do people layout of work day after day and continue to receive a paycheck?  Why is it that those who appear to be laying out are those the sheriff has surrounded herself with?  Is that one of the perks of being one of them in the crowd?  No matter what the reason for their lack of interest in going to work it is for certain most folks would not want to be walking in their shoes.  

For those folks are sitting on pins and needles afraid to speak up, there is no reason to be afraid.  You have to allow someone to intimidate you.  Hopefully, if there is additional information you believe should be shared with authorities, you should share it.  

People are coming down hard on the Etowah County sheriff but it is our opinion that his actions can't hold a candle to those going on in Morgan County.

At some point, the Saraland property will come out in the open. 


  1. Ana tried crossing the river but horses can't swim.

    1. Especially with her fat ass on ones back

  2. Well I went and spewed all I knew to Chris today "across the river". It took over 4 hours. He said " damn boy,you know more stuff on Anna and Alyssa than half of the ones I've talked to already". He verified most of what I told him and I had proof of some of it myself. I hope I did the right thing.

  3. What I want to know is why this mess is taking so long. I hear Ana and bones are bunking together. That's funnier than crap

  4. Someone told me today the masons are trying to take what little house the keys have. Bs. They worked hard for that shack

  5. It's a shame. Keys are good Country folks

  6. The house is a shell. No heat or air. They stood up to corruption for 7 long years and nobody backed them. Kids suffered. Disgusting where is our relief. Justice

  7. We all talk about “going across the river”, who started that phrase we all use now? Why don’t we just say what it really is now. Everyone who cares knows. Alphabet police ? The Feds aren’t exactly hiding anymore are they? It is somewhat intimidating knowing those involved are. When will this showdown go down? Lots of questions. Blake they are all over the steps of the Sheriffs Office. All you did was run away. Weak!

  8. Where did Barney Lovelace go? What attorney will represent him?

  9. What will have a bigger following? Ana’s robbing rodeo or Warden Leon Bradley in Judge Thompson’s courtroom? Both will be full of bull. Ana will lie or plead the 5th.
    I bet the show on the 20th will be better! Reality reviewed and revealed!