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Friday, March 30, 2018

The best we can do this year - Check out the Decatur Daily

Folks, another year has gone by with sheriffs pocketing more and more inmate food funds.  What did our legislators do?  They kowtowed down to lobbyists again; they do not want to tackle the hard stuff.  That's ok.  We should be used to it by now.  After all, we keep re-electing them.  In fairness, our delegation, House and Senate, unanimously, did the right thing and we will have the opportunity end it here.  Lawrence County lost out by one vote.  Pity.

Time to end 1939 jail food law

The Issue

Morgan County voters will have a chance in November to end the practice of allowing sheriffs to keep leftover jail food money. The 1939 law allowing sheriffs to pocket the money should be changed, but absent that, changing the law one county at a time will have to do.
Please take the time to read the whole editorial.  It ends with:
The real crime is this banana republic behavior is legal, and it needs to stop. The law should be changed statewide, but barring that, changing it one county at a time will have to do, even if that means making Alabama’s leviathan constitution an even more unwieldy behemoth.


  1. And yet the inmate food funds are the only funds misappropriated that seem to be looked at. Here in morgan county it is commissary funds, pistol permit funds, rodeo funds, chariatible contrubutions to the Sheriffs Office. The Deputies can’t get grants to perform the work needed in the county because the thefts in the Sheriffs Office don’t want any oversight. What about all the countless hours of pay and overtime by Ana Bones and Blake they never worked and would be humanly impossible to work.
    Now the big question is will they continue to dodge subpoenas and work yet pay themselves as if they were there? Will they come up with some lame excuse or claim of family emergency to avoid April 20th or will they just plead the 5th? Barney Lovelace, Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson, and Blake Robinson you know where and when you are to be in court as much as anyone ever has. Also, after knowingly filling false clams of pending criminal action against the Whistleblowers to attempt to stay a federal case do you really think that court would just dismiss the case and not hear why you lied? What about the lie repeated so many times in Federal Court before? Will that also not be addressed? Barney having a sister as a Federal Judge is not going to help him or his sister having a criminal brother. Barney isn’t representing Ana so who is representing Barney? The prestigious law firm Barney works for representing Barney ? You can run lie cheat and steal but this is not going away. Then the guys who have been in the background for so long and worked so hard for so long will come in and play their hand. Destroying people’s lives did not work so well. Trying to destroy those who have stood against the corruption has not played out so well for Ana and her followers. The lies and spin are all but over! Happy Rodeo ! Get em cowgirl!

    1. To bad Steenson won’t or can’t reply and maybe if we are lucky “battle cry” Blake may respond if he is not to scarred knowing how bad he has already messed up! Will Barney or Rodeo sponsorship rip off Queen Ana and King Berzett answer up? Come on let’s hear it before your in the same boat or cell with Steenson. How about seldom mentioned double dipping Ron Livingston? Why has all the criminals gone quiet? Are you explaining how crazy everyone is and how misinformed and wrong people are for calling you out? Denial of facts can only go so far. Accountability Time!

    2. The whole lot needs to be used as an example on what not to do when you are in their position. All they lied for and deceived will be gone along their family and wife. Prison will not be sufficient in my opinion