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Friday, March 23, 2018

Thank You Sheriff Ana Franklin

Folks, we have Sheriff Ana Franklin and her misuse of inmate food funds for bringing out the dirty little secrets of sheriffs partaking of inmate food funds.  A few inmates complained about the food, to our blog.   Numerous family members complained to us about the meager amounts of food the inmates were receiving.

The Lawrence County sheriff tells the Daily he would like to send the inmate food funds to the county to manage.  I would bet that Sheriff Franklin wishes right now that she had not been the poster sheriff for bad behavior.  Her antics of taking inmate food funds has gone viral around the state and the nation.

I am sure the 49 sheriffs who refused to share with the public how much money they have taken from their inmate food funds are proud of Franklin for opening their dirty little secret again.

What is wrong with these sheriffs?  Have they lost all sense of humanity?  What is wrong with the Alabama Sheriff's Association that they would fight the state and lawsuits supporting the sheriffs?  Well! That is simple.  The law allows for the Sheriff's in Alabama to take inmate food funds for their own personal gain.

As for Sheriff Ana Franklin, she knew before she took the inmate food funds that they were off limits, yet she did it anyway.  According to a letter the blog received from the Alabama Sheriff's Office. Franklin was allowed to take the food funds.  I guess the Alabama Sheriff's Association doesn't care about federal decrees.

Let us break it down for you.  Sheriff Franklin sent her response to the Decatur Daily  "In a text message Thursday night, Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin said the county receives $3 per day for food and $40 per day for housing federal prisoners. Morgan County houses about 460 inmates on average with a portion of those being federal inmates" 

Let's say Sheriff Franklin has 20 Federal inmates which are just about the standard number for her per year.  The sheriff's office receives approximately $21,900.00 to feed the federal inmates.  Franklin receives $1.75 to feed the remaining 440 county, state, and city inmates which comes to $281,050.00 per year to feed those inmates.  All totaled Sheriff Franklin receives $302,950.00 for feeding inmates.  Franklin removed $160,000.00 from the inmate food fund which leaves her with a mere $142,950.00 to feed the 460 inmates three meals per day for one year.   That comes to 503,700 meals per year.

At the end of the day, Sheriff Ana Franklin had only $0.85 per day to feed 460 inmates three meals per day, less than half of what it should have been.

Folks, that is a disgrace.  Across the state of Alabama and the nation, we are a disgrace.  Many of our sheriffs have ignored humanity and ignored the inmates to pad their pockets.

Many of the sheriff's in Alabama are a disgrace to the badge they wear.  It is time for our representatives to find an avenue to stop this practice.  Stop the big lobbyists such as the Alabama Sheriff's Association from fighting to maintain the outdated laws of Alabama.

We the people and our representative should make a strong stand against sheriffs partaking of inmate food funds.


Lawrence sheriff says commission should handle feeding inmates


  1. "Lawrence sheriff says commission should handle feeding inmates."

    And the Lawrence sheriff is right.

    1. He is right, but he is a devil. He knows that the Lawrence County Commission wants no part of that. So he gets to stand there with a smile and a shrug.

  2. But what was done by Franklin was a crime and she should be dealt with like a common criminal. If the law is changed the next sheriff want be able to steal from that account but I don't think you have to worry because uncle Ron Puckett is honest and a very good guy. He has always been the kind of man that does the right thing every time. The goons that are left over from Franklin should be worried about jobs and freedom because they want have a place in uncle Ron's department.

  3. I am shocked at the corruption. If you had to had that much money to steal and build mansions on beach and Sarah land. You could have done a lot with that. Scumbags. Feed the inmates. The homeless veterans. Arm your officers with what they need. Don't protect criminals. Especially when you wear a badge. And and bones needs to resign

    1. Bones won’t have to resign, he knows it’s over. Same as several others who either stood by Ana in her corruption or took part in it. From a few jailers to ranking personnel they know who they are.