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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Sheriff Entrekin Again

Seems like the Sheriff of Etowah County can't catch a break.  The article below is an editorial from AL.COM.  Whitmire used the same arithmetic as we did a day or so ago to explain how the 'system' worked out in the sheriff's favor.  If it was just a couple of sheriffs using a state law to their advantage, we the people could isolate the cancer and cut it out next election cycle.  But this practice is endemic throughout the state.  When oh when will the legislature develop the stones to defy the Union of Greedy Sheriffs and change the law?   Take a deep breath and hold it.

Alabama sheriff pocketed more than he spent on jail food


  1. The counties top law enforcement officials are doing all they can to hide the money. Many are likely as guilty as Ana Franklin who started all this with tax evasion. Greed, the Deputies are well underpaid in many counties and could not afford the gas to go to the beach and back while the Sheriffs are among the highest paid in the state including Doctors if they count the money they scam. Time for change, time for real professionals and not politicians to run our Sheriffs Offices. Time for the laws to change so the Sheriffs can not rob the departments blind. Accountability of said Sheriffs needs to be had by County Commissions who are currently powerless to deal with the power the Sheriffs have with the Alabama Sheriffs Association. An orginazation that does all it can to protect the way these Sheriffs can rob their departments. Corruption at its best. Ana Franklin is Chaplain of that organization.

  2. Perfect answer@11:42

  3. Good ol greedy Ana and her gang of thugs will soon not have access to those funds. Just like ol steenson. Ana's first cousin she claimed she didn't know. Fucking liar. He contributed 1500 to her for her campaign. She didn't know him according to media. Liar

  4. Wow...see, you do not have to enter into the race with experience with law just have to know how to steal from their establishment and get in good and dirty to pay everyone off so no one says a word about your ways. Hell, I have no clue. Ask Ana and the rest of these "upholding the law..." wait wait I mean upholding "our money stack" deputies/goons. Its by the Ana Franklin law. It is her right. Because she sure as hell put it in "HER" account.