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Friday, March 2, 2018

It's about time

No ethics legislation this year, task force created
By Mary Sell Montgomery Bureau

Blogger Comments:  Folks,  it is about time that we see a task force created to deal with the issues and or complaints sent to the Ethics Commission.  We submitted Ethics Violations to Luther Strange when he was the State Attorney General that included the number of family members Sheriff Ana Franklin had employed at the time.  One of the most significant complaints we filed was when Sheriff Ana Franklin hired her common-law son-in-law to work as a corrections office in the MC jail.  Stebbins was spending time in the Limestone County Jail during the time that he was employeed at the MCSO.  Stebbins worked for the MCSO approximately 6 weeks and had a minimum of two additional arrests during his short work history with MCSO.  Sheriff Ana Franklin allowed Stebbins to resign without proper notice.  

See previous blog below dated 12/10/2015:

How did they do it?  We received a print out yesterday of Jonathan David Stebbins arrests.  What is interesting is that none of his arrests during the time that Stebbins worked for Sheriff Franklin as a Corrections Officer showed up on the state-wide printout.

Stebbins was arrested in Limestone County, a few times before and during his employment with the MCSO. Beginning in December 13, 2012 to the time he resigned his position as a Corrections Officer on February 4, 2013, none of his arrests were recorded in the state-wide database. Matter of fact we believe he was in jail in Limestone County on his first day of work.  We have articles of some of the arrests below.  In addition we were informed by a reliable source that Sheriff Franklin told them that if they had problems with Stebbins' absence during the time he was in jail they were to call her personally.

The document below reflects some of Stebbins arrests but not all of them.  The funny thing about the missing arrests is that they happen to be the arrests for burglary(s) and contempt during the time frame Stebbins worked for Sheriff Franklin in the Morgan County Jail.  If we are not mistaken all arrests must be recorded whether they are adjudicated, dismissed, or the person is indicted by a grand jury.  Maybe Sheriff Blakely can tell us why Stebbins arrests are missing from the records. We need to ask the DA how the rest of the folks in Morgan and Limestone County can get a deal like that.  I am sure there is a lot of people who would love to make their arrests go away.


  1. Well Well look what we have here folks. This makes my skin crawl. Criminals having authority over criminals. Sounds legit doesn't it. Maybe to those who are getting away with so much BS while others are being held for months because paper work has NOT been filed properly. Lets talk about the connection between Decatur City and the Morgan county jail for a moment while we are at it. Is there a corruption behind closed doors going on there as well. How is it that an individual can get arrested through Decatur City, go to court, serve their time but yet get arrested on the same charges because warrants had been issued ( for a case that had already been tried) Then they sit in Morgan County Jail because someone didn't do their job at Decatur City for months. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't the county jail receive money for each day an inmate is incarcerated there. Why is it that many individual serve additional time for a case that has been closed. There are several individuals who have sat in Morgan county Jail for months on end all because Decatur City didn't file the paper work. Isn't this considered double jeopardy? Padding pockets at the expense of humanity. THIS TOWN NEEDS AN ENEMA

  2. From what I heard, he completeld some type of program and paid his debt for being a dumbass when he was younger. I also heard he paid for a expoungement.. meaning, he has been able to wipe his record clean- legally. And I’ve also heard it is completely illegal for you to post thinks about his past after they have been expounged. And from what I’m seeing- there are plenty of times that you have. I guess here’s another time you’ve accused mama Ana of doing something illegal that turns out to be... untrue. Give it a break Glenda. Get over yourself and your hate toward Ana and her family.

  3. Preach it, Glenda you’re going to find your ass in court, bankruptcy won’t be shit compared to what you’re about to go through. You better take that advice that was given yesterday, pull up your tents and shag ass. There is no way you could win a lawsuit if someone file one against you right now.

  4. Why is it Ray did not ask for a raise for the Sheriff, ask for Orr to present a bill about hail funds before now?

    Why doesnt the bill presented before legislators, by Ray, Orr not cover discretionary funds, phone bill account, condements account, Rodeo account, all the other accounts the Sheriff has? All these bill does is give the Sheriff a 20,000 dollar raise. Hmmmmm Why didnt this 20,000 go to the Deputies? Alot of funny things going on in the Chairmans Office.

  5. If he was granted the opportunity to PAY for his Expungement, my question is, HOW? I think if he was given this opportunity then everyone else should be given the same opportunity. Expungement is a court ordered process in which the legal record of an arrest or a criminal conviction is "sealed" or erased in the eyes of the Law. When a conviction is expunged, the process may also be referred to as "setting aside a criminal conviction" So tell us, just who did he PAY? Was it the judge who heard his case? Who did he pay to get such a sweet deal?

  6. Ray is in its self a whole other matter in conjunction with what he has his hands in. If you are friends or family of his you get sweet deals as well. Word around town is that he is cutting the district commissioners down to part time which means they will loose benefits but Ray gets what he wants. What about that nice black top driveway he has. Who paid for that? What about the criminal activity one of his daughters has been involved in but you see no arrest being made. Nope, Why, Because the police officers do not want to loose their job. Look at the pay rate your average joe made verses the pay rate his family and friends receives doing the same job. Ethics, HA!

  7. Anyone that goes through a court program, has the same opportunity. And you pay lawyers and the County commission you went through the court program to do. It’s really quite simple, for someone that supposedly knows all about the law you sure don’t know much. ;)

  8. Becareful what you say about Ray, he may not include you in one of those buddy buddy jobs. It's amazing how much the Chairman vehicle is at the Somerville Town Hall. Guess the Mayor needs his orders. One would think Regina takes care of all that during the day.