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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Corrupt to the core

Blogger Comments:  Folks, Channel 19 (WHNT) prepared a fantastic story on Leon Bradley yesterday.  Go to the link below to watch the video.  The story is fair, balanced, and true.  The bottom line in my opinion to this story is that Sheriff Ana Franklin, Blake Robinson, Robert Wilson aka Bones, and Justin Powell were so determined to find the person(s) who were brave enough to help shine the light on their corruption.  Blake Robinson lied to one of the most honest and dignified judges in Morgan County to obtain a warrant after having Daniel enter Straightline's office.

It is my hope that Sheriff Franklin, Bones Wilson, Justin Powell, and Blake Robinson are required to go before the judge they lied to and explain how they neglected to share critical details of their actions.

The sheriff tried to destroy Leon Bradley, to disgrace one of the most honest and humble men I have ever met.  Sheriff Franklin told one of the deputies what she planned to do prior to taking the action.  The deputy strongly advised Ana against taking her planned actions.  But to no avail. 

Actions set forth to lie to an honorable man such as Judge Thompson and to try and destroy other peoples lives and business is not what honorable, honest law enforcement does.

Former Morgan County warden says warrant against him is based on Sheriff’s Office misleading judge


  1. Blake, Bones and Ana? They're all awful. None of them have any genuine concern about upholding the law, they're only interested in promoting their own corrupt agenda. None of them deserve to wear a badge or consider themselves officers of the law. In any capacity! Instead, they should be made and example of and locked away for what they've done.

  2. Yes you are right. Seems like her little scheme backfired and now she's sinking