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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Alabama is cleaning the swamp one thief at a time. Here that Ana?

Blogger Comments:  One step at a time; that's all we're asking from state, local, and federal investigators.  We hope the fines and punishment fit the crimes.  

Former county administrator pleads guilty to using position to steal more than $700,000


  1. Hopefully Morgan county will get reimbursed for the money that Franklin stole from them. If they can figure out exactly how much was stolen.

    1. I'm afraid the amount that Ana stole will be so flabbergasting it will seem more like an imaginary number than an actual total (like fortyleven hundred thousand dollars).

    2. If the IRS comes to visit you, like they did Ana, you know you are in deep doo-doo. All that money she took from the food bill, much more than $ 150,000.00 that we already know about and not to mention all she took from other accounts, she didn't report any of that on her ethics form or income tax return. Yeah, her ass is fried.

  2. Yep and what about the famous rodeo account... imagine how much she stole from it