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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Who knew?

Who knew how corrupt Sheriff Franklin had become during her two terms in office as Sheriff of our county?  Who knew?  Corley for sure.  Bili, Livingston, Berzett, and McDaniels.  They knew.  What did they do as individuals and/or as a group of professional law enforcement command staff employees?  Not much.  They allowed the sheriff's corruption to go on for years.

Our surprise came when the sheriff's informant was looking for a vehicle and Blake Robinson recommended that he check out Steven Ziaja's car lot (Title Mart) in Hartselle.  That was when we found out that Blake was working at the Hartselle Title Mart detailing cars during his normal duty day.  Between both he and Steven Ziaja working at the Titles Marts instead of their day jobs we easily started putting the story together.  We paid attention to their movements and found that the key element between the two scoundrels was Greg Steenson.  Later we found that Sheriff Franklin's daughter Alyssa was also working at the Title Mart in Hartselle.  We also found out that the sheriff was purchasing vehicles from the Title Mart along with riding around the lot with Ziaja on a four-wheeler.  I wasn't long before the sheriff and Ziaja had brought in new investors for Steenson such as Bones, Blake, and approximately 20 other family members and friends.

The next thing you know we stumble upon Greg Steenson schemes to swindle the Jeffreys and their family out of millions of dollars.  Ziaja was selling vehicles to Greg Steenson that did not exist, Ana was buying trucks, tractors, and more.  By this time the cat was out of the bag and we knew we had something big.  Ana began running her mouth and every time she spoke to the Daily about her investment another, lie spewed out of her mouth.

Sheriff Franklin invested inmate food funds in the Title Mart and lied about where she got the money.  Thank you Decatur Daily for staying on the story.  Sheriff Franklin finally had to admit that she took the money.  Ironically, Franklin continues to deny any wrongdoing.  Now Ziaja has been arrested on 12 felony counts for his part in the Title Mart, Greg Steenson has been arrested on 11 felony counts for his part in the corruption surrounding Title Mart.  Who's next?    We published the counter checks that Franklin cashed at the bank.  Billable Barney threatened to charge us with crimes because we posted the checks so we posted them again.  We did nothing wrong.  What will Sheriff Franklin and her band of goons do next?

We have come a long way over the past couple of years and are very excited that the sheriff chose not to throw her hat in the ring this election year.  Unfortunately what that leaves us with is a lame duck sheriff for the next eleven months.  Make that a no-show sheriff.  How will the sheriff's office continue to maintain what little stability they have during the next few months?  We know that these times are very difficult for the employees of the sheriff's office.   The employees deal with the turmoil on a daily bases knowing that this situation cannot go on forever.  The sheriff's office has lost a lot of good men and women over the past seven years but those who have been able to hold on have kept the operation going.  Good for them.


  1. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

  2. This is why we keep on marching. The evil is not gone yet. Hopefully soon.

  3. As I read your article it is so clear that you harbor a tremendous amount of hate for Ana, Ziaja, Ana’s daughter Alyssa, Robinson, Steenson and others. I have no idea what has happened at the sheriffs office and the Sheriff. I do you what you read is not good. If what you read is true, then it’s time for a new sheriff. I have not axe to grind with anyone involved in this whole sheriff depar/Title mart debacle. I purchased a vehicle from Title Mart and have yet to get my title. I am told by my attorney and the bankruptcy attorney that I will get my title and I can live with that. As far as who’s in the wrong at Title Mart and who is not is unknown to me. But I notice a pattern of this blog singing Harold Jeffreys praise. I have a hard time accepting this scenario, I made several trips to the dealership while deciding on my purchase. Each time I was there, Harold Jeffreys was always there working, and not only was he there but the vehicle I bought was one of Jeffreys personal vehicles. He unloaded his personal items out of the vehicle in order for me too leave in it. He even told me what kind of gas mileage to expect. Now, what they did at the dealership and how they did it right or wrong is unknown to me. But what I do know is right or wrong is Harold Jeffreys was right in the middle of it. I am ready to testify to that fact anytime I am ask too. I just hope the truth comes out for all parties involved.

  4. No, I don't think it is hate. It is trying to make the public aware of the crime, corruption, theft, underhanded dealings of morgan county sheriff ana franklin and her little gang, which has brought so much embarrassment to morgan county alabama NATIONALLY. There is no telling how much money has been embezzled from sheriffs office accounts.

  5. if one of thug task force is moved to inside the ana should we worrey about the records that could be lost /changed or any thing like that . after all she needs someone she thinks she can trust .mabie/ when it comes to his ass or hers she may have a problem.

    1. Please, not being ugly but get a dictionary. If you read this it's really bad. Again not meaning it ugly.............

  6. Ahhhhhhh, you have a very good point. Her secretary retired recently 2 weeks ago, no one has replaced her yet.....secretary office empty.....who has access to Ana's office or records now?

  7. That entire special victims unit needs to be booted and replaced with honest people. When Puckett is there you can expect honesty and integrity to be restored. He has always been a completely honest person and always will be. You have never heard anything bad about him or his family. Ever.