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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Those were the days

Blogger Comments:  Folks, we have been saying for over two years that is a lot of 'Risky Business'  going on in Morgan County.  Nothing has changed to include the names of the characters.  We enjoy listening to the comments from those on the Titanic as the ship is sinking.  Keep reading the blog more to come....

Blog Posted 2/24/2016: 

Finding Risky Business 

As I said when the last pictures were taken for the blog, ignore the dates.  These pictures were taken today.  I still can't keep the date right on the darn camera.

Earlier this week we traveled to the Marina in Decatur after hearing that Greg Steenson had his boat docked at the marina.  We were also told that the boat is blue and white and the name of the boat is "Risky Business".

Our contact told us that Steven Ziaja had cleaned the boat out last week before the boat was moved.  

We traveled to Florence today and found a boat that had been moved to the Marina within the last two weeks.  The name of the boat is Risky Business.  

We were told today that the boat is not a 40ft Sea Ray but is instead a 60ft.  We know nothing about boats but we can tell you a quick search of the internet shows that these type boats are very expensive.

Blog Posted 2/23/2016

Another party joins lawsuit over loans to used car dealer

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Posted: Tuesday, February 23, 2016 12:15 am | Updated: 6:14 am, Tue Feb 23, 2016.

A state Alcoholic Beverage Control agent from Morgan County has joined a lawsuit against Greg Steenson and others to protect his interests as an alleged creditor who loaned Steenson nearly $500,000 for Steenson’s used car dealership.

Steve Ziaja, a sergeant with the ABC, said in court filings that Steenson owes him $464,299 plus interest for loans Ziaja made to Priceville Partners LLC beginning in August 2014.

Former Decatur bank president Harold Jeffreys filed the lawsuit in Morgan County Circuit Court claiming Steenson, who is Jeffreys’ partner in the company, has not repaid him $3.2 million he loaned Steenson to buy used cars.
Jeffreys’ attorneys last week filed a motion asking Steenson be held in contempt of court for allegedly cutting off the power at the company’s Performance Auto Sales lot on Point Mallard Parkway Southeast, selling company assets in defiance of a court order, and threatening Jeffreys and the court-appointed receiver.
Messages left Monday for Jeffreys’ attorney, Andrew Campbell, and Steenson’s attorney, Jimmy Adams, were not returned. Jeffreys was not at home Monday afternoon, a woman who answered the phone said.
Ziaja on Monday referred questions to his attorney, Barney Lovelace.
“I don’t have anything to say, other than that’s the route I have to go,” Ziaja said.
Lovelace said that Ziaja “is a victim in this whole mess.”
Ziaja began a side business of buying and selling used cars a few years ago to make money on the side, Lovelace said.
Ziaja did not know either Jeffreys or Steenson at the time, but eventually their paths crossed and Ziaja sold some cars to Priceville Partners, Lovelace said.
Ziaja holds four promissory notes for loans he made to Priceville Partners from December 2014 to October for Steenson to buy used cars to sell, according to records in the Morgan County probate judge office. Interest on the loans ranges from 5 percent to 17 percent, records show.
Ziaja loaned the company the money based on Jeffreys’ assurances that Jeffreys was at the business “all the time and Harold Jeffreys’ reputation as a respected and smart businessman,” Lovelace said.
Ziaja used “a significant amount of his inheritance” in making the loans, Lovelace said.
“Steve had to file this lawsuit to try to protect himself and get back as much of his loans as he can,” Lovelace said.
Morgan County Circuit Court Judge Steven Haddock has set a Friday hearing to consider motions filed on behalf of Jeffreys and Steenson.
The hearing will cover Jeffreys’ requests to liquidate the company’s assets and to hold Steenson in contempt, and Steenson’s requests for a protective order and removal of court-appointed receiver Ralph Summerford.
Jeffreys filed the lawsuit Dec. 31 claiming that Steenson owes him $3.2 million on unpaid loans. Jeffreys, the former president of then-Heritage Bank, owns 60 percent of the company and Steenson owns 40 percent, according to court filings.
Campbell said earlier Steenson misappropriated the money from the company and Jeffreys.
The lawsuit said two car dealers who Steenson said owed Priceville Partners nearly $7 million did not know Steenson and had never done business with him when Jeffreys became suspicious about Priceville Partners’ financial situation and contacted the dealers.
Steenson denies Jeffreys’ allegations he misrepresented the company’s financial situation and says he has repaid the loans, according to court documents. Steenson in a sworn affidavit “vehemently” denied that he has misappropriated any money.
Steenson in 2002 pleaded guilty to federal bank fraud conspiracy charges related to an alleged check kiting scheme and presenting false financial statements to banks for loans.
He was sentenced to four years and three months in federal prison and ordered to pay more than $5.2 million in restitution to two banks.


  1. Haha, Glenda is still trying to deflect the new information on Harold Jeffreys. Glenda you are an idiot. Sounds like the ole Pecan Circle and Cheap Cigars may still be ongoing. I will check on that and report back to your loyal readers, in the meantime, keep digging Glenda, you look more and more foolish with each new article.

  2. Glenda re-runs an article that is over two years old. Very good reporting Glenda, very good.

  3. If you read the above article it makes you wonder what the hell was Harold Jeffreys thinking. He goes and sues Steenson and damn if he wasn't doing the exact thing he was accusing Steenson of. Not only that, He, Ben and John Klein were still embezzling money after this article was printed according to the article in today's Decatur Daily. How stupid can one family be?

  4. glenda you have been a big part in bring these thugs to justice and all the crurupsion in morgan co,but birds of a featherflock toghter, name all the thugs, landers and webster. are in this gang to.

  5. Glenda honey, this article is a very desperate attempt to try and deflect the attention from Jeffreys. I think I would stop trying that if I were you. Admit you were wrong, accept your setbacks and go on. All of your faithful followers know you were wrong, your continued deflection only makes you look more and more desperate. I am sure Jeffreys is a dear friend of yours, don’t feel bad he has fooled some much smarter people than you, it will be ok!!!

  6. Seems I remember Glenda propping up Jeffreys as a victim several times, while attempting to place blame on everyone else, including the Sheriff. Was this Glenda's idea, or Harold's? Did Glenda knowingly participate in a conspiracy to defraud all these folks? Did Jeffreys pay her to post all those lies, or was she too stupid to realize what was actually going on?

  7. I think Jeffreys paid her, in money and whatnot. The real question is, did Glenda benefit from the ill gotten gains from Priceville Partners by and thru Harold Jeffreys? Will she be sued? Or worse, could she have criminal liability? She has made Jeffreys out to be a saint for over two years now, something doesn't add up.

  8. Just a few weeks ago Jeffreys was going door to door asking folks if the new who Steenson carried to ballgames with him. I bet those ballgame tickets are not very important today. How did you sleep last night Harold?

  9. I am not an attorney, just a part time shit house lawyer, but this has criminal bankruptcy fraud written all over it. The only players I know in this are Ben and Harold Jeffreys. I feel sorry for Ben, his dad will use him as a scapegoat in a second. I guarantee you that Harold is paying for Ben an attorney. That means he Co trolls the attorney. If I were Ben I would go hire my own attorney before it’s to late.

    1. Not only has ole man Jeffreys jeopardized his daughters law career, he has also put Ben in a bad spot. Ben could have made a living selling cars, but now that Harold has pulled all of this there is not a car dealer in Alabama that would buy, sell, or employee Ben. The ramifications of Harold’s actions will last for years.

  10. One thing that shouldn't be missed here, the Jeffreys aren't getting sued by some Joe blow attorney, it's the freakin Bankruptcy Trustee, you know, the guy that has ALL the info. The article even says Harold Jeffreys admitted his car lot was a scam. I'd bet there is a ton of cooked books, fake accounts, fake transactions, and lord only knows what else.
    Glenda claimed she got her info by dumpster diving at Jeffreys' car lot. Reckon that was a lie, as well?

  11. Exactly, not some ambulance chaser like Jerry Knight. The trustee attorney has all the facts. I am sure Glenda went diving all right, except her diving took place on Pecan Circle, the house bought with embezzled money.

  12. My sources are telling me that Glenda is in a full meltdown, maybe she realizes just how bad this can get if the truth continues to be revealed?
    Did she take money from Jeffreys to conduct her propaganda? Did he pay for the surveillance? Did Glenda use that money to pay for information? Who did she pay? It's time to let ALL the truth be known!

    1. She should be worried. She posted checks and documents that were provided to her either by Jeffreys or by theft on her part. Those documents were property of the bankruptcy estate, and I am sure she didn’t have permission from the court to post them. Someone said Jeffreys is so shook up he hasn’t been out of bed for 3 days. I think Glenda and the Jeffreys are in some serious trouble. Glenda better hurry if she wants to stay out of trouble, Jeffreys old ass will be pointing his finger at her before she knows it. GREED HAS DESTROYED BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!

  13. Greg you and Barney are pissing in the wind. Get a grip. Greg you still got your flat at the lake? You owe Jeffrey’s 3 million does that keep you up nights? No it doesn’t, second verse same as the first.

    1. Remember Glenda, Steenson ran that through the bankruptcy, you should know personally how that works. If not I am sure where you are headed will have a good law library. You and Katie might get to bunk together.

    2. Sounds like Steenson was a victim of that ole Jeffreys kool aid. You know how it taste Glenda. That shit is gooood!!!

  14. Nice try dumb ass. Let me tell you about pissing in the wind, it will blow back on you. But, I don’t have to tell you and loverboy Jeffreys about that, do I. Do I detect a little shame in y’alls game?

  15. Well, I drove down Pecan Circle tonight, looks like the love nest is still for sale with Jeffreys sign in the yard. Can he actually sale something that he bought with embezzled funds? Wouldn’t the bankruptcy court have a right to take it? Ben got the hell out of there, Glenda, you and Harold better enjoy it while you can.

  16. Keep in mind Harold has a good lawyer, he said so himself. It doesn’t matter that he has ruined his reputation and the reputation of his family, he is just worried about that good lawyer. Katie and Ben will never be able to work in their chosen profession again, but Harold has a good lawyer, he will just go to court. He is the epitome of a self centered, egotistical jerk.