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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Think Morgan County Sheriff is Corrupt?

Well, yes.

But the Blog was in Georgia recently and the talk turned to corruption.  One of the locals recommended looking into Dekalb County, Georgia, and it's long line of crooked sheriffs.  Wow.  Compared with these guys, Ana would be up for the Efrem Zimbolist, Jr Straight ArrowTrophy.  Read on.


Martin was the Sheriff of DeKalb County from 1965 until 1973, when he was charged and convicted of taking bribes. He eventually pleaded guilty to taking 5 percent of every bail that was posted at the DeKalb County jail. Naturally this is problematic as it would give someone—in Georgia during the 60’s no less—motive and incentive to arrest as many people as possible.

Ray Bonner

Ray Bonner replaced Lamar Martin and ran the department for only a brief time. He was indicted in 1976 for misrepresenting a fundraising company, but managed to avoid conviction. He resigned because of those charges and after his time as sheriff, he was later charged with murder.  Bonner was acquitted and went on to live his merry little life. He may be dead by now, but we were unable to confirm this.
Pat Jarvis
Pat Jarvis, a former pitcher for the Atlanta Braves who only played 83 games and received the nickname “Little Bulldog,” was sheriff DeKalb County from 1976 to 1996. He had to step down because he was charged and later convicted in a kickback scheme. He was taking money from vendors who had contracts with the jail that he supervised. He pleaded guilty in 1999 and was sentenced to 15 months and ordered to pay a $40,000 fine. Jarvis is still alive and is currently an organic farmer in Georgia somewhere.

Sidney Dorsey
Dorsey was the first African-American Sheriff in the history of DeKalb County. Dorsey’s crimes are also the most notorious of all the offenders to head the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department. Like just about all of his predecessors, Dorsey was being investigated for assigning personal tasks to deputies and for abusing contracts with the DeKalb County Jail. (The jail, which can house at least 3,700 inmates, is said to be the largest in the south.)
During the 2000 election for Sheriff, Dorsey lost his position to Derwin Brown. The campaign was by all accounts pretty brutal and Brown campaigned on the promise that he was going to get rid of the corruption that had plagued the department for decades—and specifically that he would probe rumored corruption by Dorsey. He also said that he was going to fire 38 deputies when he took office.
A few days prior to Brown being sworn in, he was shot dead twelve times while walking in his driveway.  Dorsey was eventually convicted of ordering the murder in 2001.  Dorsey was also convicted of racketeering charges and sentenced to life in prison where he is currently rotting.
 Jeffrey Mann
Which brings us to our most recent f--- up and current sheriff, Jeffery Mann. As we previously wrote, Mann was caught by a cop on a bike late one night in an Atlanta park with his d--- out. When the officer tried to arrest him he ran. Mann continues to maintain his innocence and is somehow still serving as sheriff. 
So rejoice, MCSO.  We can all take pride in that Ana hasn't shot anybody, as far as we know.  A few shot glasses, maybe.   And Dekalb County (GA) can take pride in that none of these sheriffs made profits from under-feeding their inmates.  Once again, as far as we know.


  1. Sounds like Ana should have been a sheriff in DeKalb County, Georgia. She would have fit right in.

  2. Rick ShermanFebruary 21, 2018 at 11:50 AM
    I have had several phone calls concerning this blog. I am no longer a part of this blog as I once was. I am no spokesmen for this blog. I am not nearly as involved with anyone candidates or law enforcement agencies or general public as I once was. I do not comment as anonymous on this blog. Yes, I will likely be at court hearings. Yes, I absolutely do care about what happens to our citizens of this county and the good employees of the Sheriffs Office trying to hang on. Ana, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, the Berzetts, Ron Livingston, Justin Powell, Barney Lovelace, and a few others have been exposed for their involvement with crime and corruption. I sit back and am working trying to make a living and am not involved with all this as I once was. Whoever is commenting on here as anonymous as if it might be me, it absolutely is not. I have not and do not hide behind anonymous. I like others wish these tabloid like comments were removed so Ana goons or particular candidates and their supporters would not use this as a mud slinging platform. It is what it is and the upcoming court cases and arrest will be proof enough of what the real truth is. Slander, bait, lie, and twist all you want. I will not respond again with this nonsense. I really do not want bad for those who have already been arrested on some of the charges and all those who will be arrested in the future. I will be glad to see it all come to an end an a new chapter to begin.

  3. I'm not totally sure about the Sheriff, but I do have a question. I'm new to this site and have heard some things I'm concerned about. Can someone fill me in on Ray Long.

    I've heard Ray started out as a councilman in Somerville, become Mayor of Somerville once the Mayor elected didn't run for re election. I was told Ray after becoming Mayor of Somerville became greedy with power and began his voyage to run everything. I heard he hired his wife with no experience in Somerville as the Town Clerk then Magistrate. That sounds very ethically wrong to me.

    I heard Ray then became the Chairman of Morgan Co., then campaigned very hard for his good friend Darren Tucker to get the Mayor job, which assured his wife to keep her job, her State benifits. What concerns me, if anyone can help is the thing's that has gone on since Ray has been Chairman. Now I hear since Ray has been Chairman and his friend Darren is the Mayor of Somerville, Darren hired Ray son in law to be the maintenance man for the City of Somerville, given a take home truck. I hear Rays son in law has been seen in the truck driving to Priceville school; in the City owned truck. It is rumored Ray still controls Somerville City through Darren. I understand Ray recently hired his good friend Darren "the Mayor", as head of Morgan Co. animal control, started out making max salary nearly.

    It seems to me a trend has started with this Chairman Ray Long to control every part of Morgan Co. Now I heard Ray went to Ron Puckett and begged him to run and "possibly" promising a large salary, that he would get passed if he would. I seen where Author Orr, Ray Long announced an attempted huge pay raise for the Morgan Co. Sheriff, during the same week Ron Puckett announced his bid for Sheriff. Very odd I must say. I heard Ray abd his wife have been heard running around calling Ron Puckett "their boy".

    Can anyone help confirm any of this? It concerns me, that everyone is so concentrated on the current Sheriff now she has resigned, not worried about this type behavoir from our Chairman, if this is true. This needs to be checked in on. We don't need this type behavoir, good ole pal system to be in Morgan Co.

    1. It appears to me that you're already pretty well informed. In fact, your post contains more truths than the rest of this blog combined.

    2. What you "hear" is not always fact. The best thing to do is to ask all candidates what you want to know. Ray Long can not elect a candidate. Only you can. I respect everyone of the candidates. I ask each one of them to do the right thing. They all deserve a chance to speak. Good luck candidates.

  4. What's pathetic is reading these candidates' FB pages and watching their videos, you can instantly tell they get their talking points from Glenda Lockhart and/or this vile blog.
    Politics in Morgan County is in a sad state when folks use this old bag as a trusted news source.

  5. Pill.Popper said...
    "Politics in Morgan County is in a sad state when folks use this old bag as a trusted news source."

    Well, tell me then...why do YOU keep reading the blog?

  6. Seems to me somebody has it out for Ray Long (Cavnar) can’t stand the man and fills like Long slighted him. Now you see why. The whistleblower put Cavnar in his place when he ordered her to tell the FBI to get off their ass and do something. No I am not glenda but I was in the car with her when Randy called. I laughed my ass off. Dude stop pretending you are from out of town.

  7. You saying Cavnar colluded with Glenda, on this blog, for his own personal political gain?
    My goodness, that sounds dirty, if true.