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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Count Down Continues

 February 9, 2018 Last Day to Qualify For Sheriff of Morgan County.  Tictoc

Folks, we hear that Deputy Coburn has been moved to the Drug Task Force, McDaniels was forced out, and that ole Bones is moving into LT McDaniel's position.  Alas, it will be short lived.  Bones should enjoy every day of his promotion once he gets it. 

Ana, the deadline for throwing your hat in the ring is just a few days away.  Some say games are being played this week. Would Ana know anything about the most recent games that are being played with her name already listed as a candidate?

 Candidate Search, 5 Feb 2018                                   Fake Candidate Search, 5 Feb 2018

                                                        Candidate Search 6 Feb 2018


  1. Idk whats goin on with Blake but he isn't working at the sheriff's department from were i live down the road from him I can see he comes home at around 4 am and is gone all night in his peraonal vehicle no county car so I wonder if he still works for mcso ?

    1. Blake is alive and well. Still doing the sheriffs dirty deeds. My question is how will the sheriff cover up the wreck Alyssa was in on Monday afternoon? Alyssa’s nice ride was demolished. Call Ana and she will get you a nice new ride.

  2. Her name is listed because she's filed a campaign finance form at one time. Doesn't mean she's a candidate or trying to make people think she's one. What counts is whether she qualifies with the party.