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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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Blogger Comments:  We ask the same question ask about the corruption.  Who would have believed we had jackles prowling arund our county.  Who would have believed those jackles would be the elected sheriff of our county, Bones Wilson, Blake Robinson, and Justin Powell?  Why? That is the million dollar question?  The answer is greed, power, and prestiage.  It is sickening to think about how these dirty law enforcment officers disgraced their badge, their county, and their families.  Sheriff Franklin announced she will not seek a third term as sheriff of our county.  Why?  She is busted becasuse of her greed, abuse of power, and has fallen from grace and prestiage to a disgrace to our county.  What makes no sense at all is Bones, Robinson, and Powell following her around like sick puppies who has tried to protect her at all cost to include their freedom.  Now the three jackles have nothing except empty promises.

The Morgan County Jackles are not sick puppies or sleeping puppies the are corrupt to the core and should not be allowed to maintain their positions with the MCSO office once this mess is over.

Why is Alabama so corrupt? The ancients knew

By John Archibald | 
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on February 14, 2018 at 6:30 AM, updated February 14, 2018 at 6:31 AM

Why, why, why?
Alabama asks it every day.  Why do our politicians always rise to power on the promise of reform, only to fall on their own greed and hubris?
Governors, House speakers, lawmakers. Robert Bentley thought he was divine, and Mike Hubbard thought the world owed him. Oliver Robinson sold his constituents for pieces of silver. And now legislators scramble to change ethics laws rather than their own behavior.
Why? Why do our elected always become infected?
It is, as it turns out, an age-old question.
I mean really, like 3,500 years old, at least. In India, wise ones warned of it in the ancient fables of the Panchatantra, passed down orally for a millennium before finally being written in Sanskrit a couple centuries before Christ.
Simple wisdom. Like the story of the blue jackal.
One night a jackal found himself starving in his woods. The antelopes were too fast, and freeloading foxes stripped the berries from bushes near his den.
So, muttering about the inherent unfairness of the world, he slipped into a village looking for food.
There he found a garbage pile filled with wonders. There were scraps of goat meat and rice and the sweet plums the humans called jamun.
It was all his, a bounty well earned, he thought. He began to root and snort and eat with such gusto that it drew the attention of village dogs.
Dogs, you may not realize, don't care for jackals. They think of them as greedy, self-serving liars, which they are. So the growling and howling began, and the whole pack of dogs descended on the trash heap and surprised the jackal.
He took off just as they crested the rubbish heap. Down the streets he ran, the pack nipping at his heals. Left he went, and right. Until, growing tired, he found himself running straight toward a wall. There was nothing he could do but take a flying leap. So he did. And ...
The jackal landed in the old washer's backyard, right in a vat of indigo dye. When he emerged, he was blue as a royal sapphire.
The dogs took one look at him and - failing to recognize him in his new hue - turned tail and ran. They weren't the only ones.
As the jackal slipped back into the forest all the animals bowed. "The gods put me here," the cunning blue jackal declared. "Serve me and I'll bring prosperity, full bellies and jobs, jobs, jobs."
"I'll make the foxes pull their weight," he went on. "I'll build a barrier and keep the weasels out of our wood."
The squirrels showed reverence and even the foxes paid respect - and berries. He banished the other jackals, so they wouldn't recognize him, and began to rule as king. He grew fat, and comfortable, and demanded that even the tiger bring him tribute.
He forgot who he was.
Until one night a family of traveling jackals happened into the wood and began to howl at the full moon. The blue jackal couldn't help himself. Instinct took over and he began to howl in harmony.
The spell was broken. The creatures of the forest saw him for what he was: Nothing but a skeezy jackal. They chased him down and - things were tough back then - ripped him to shreds.
The moral of this story? If you pretend to be something you're not, it's gonna catch up to you. No matter what color you drape yourself in.
Ancient wisdom. It's as old as time, and as Alabama as ill-gotten gains.


  1. Blake and Bones are both cut from the same cloth. They're both bullies that think just because they work for the sheriff's office, they can say or do whatever they want. Like breaking into an office in the middle of the night and "confiscating" computers and other private property. Now I'm not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure that's called breaking and entering and burglary. Especially if the warrant they had was not obtained until after the fact. If they're not going to get a warrant beforehand, then why do warrants even exist in the first place? Getting a warrant after the fact is like trying to take birth control pills AFTER having unprotected sex. Blake and Bones are both skidmarks on the underpants of Morgan County. Whenever they finally get around to arresting Ana, these two goons needs to be locked away, right beside her.

  2. Blake is trying to make changes in his life that are in his and his families best interest. How about you lay off of the guy. He knows what he did and he is going through alot of pressure right now.

    1. Agreed !!! Chill its not like all these ppl commenting has never done anything wrong ppl can change .

    2. The problem here change because you've been caught. Are you doing it because you've hurt so many or because it is hurting you and the family. It's painful either way, but there is a distinction. One goes the wrong way until...he himself notices what will be his demise because of blow back.

    3. Blake Robinson is a damn poor ass excuse for a human being. He's nothing but a lier and a thief. He's guilty of the bullshit and needs prison Time.

  3. How 'bout "no?" Everybody is remorseful once they get caught.

  4. Blake should have made the changes a long time before now...a little to late I say. I also think that everyone involved should face jail time. Police officers are to protect and serve the public not themselves!!!

  5. Ana blames Ziaja for everything that happened to her. She said that if it had not been for Ziaja she would not be caught up in all of the Title Mart mess. Ana is a greedy bitch and would have sold her soul for money. Ana used Blake to draw up the warrants and to lie to the judge. Keeping herself and Bones clean. Blake is a fool he pushed the warrants and the outside investigations. He even asks people to lie about the warrant.

  6. Ana has Blake on a mission to try and prove the whistleblower is crazy by pulling all the 911 calls from her home. Good luck Blake just you wait.

  7. Blake is like a puppet on a string for Ana. He worships her and will continue to worship her until he is caught in his own trap.

  8. I would sure like to run into Blake the flake somewhere. I have a serious issue that he will pay dearly for. I've never seen a more unprofessional piece of shit in my life. He is a total idiot along with Charles radke, Cindy crowell and Eric fields. They are just as corrupt and shady as the wanna be sheriff. Rest assured that when Mr Ron Puckett becomes sheriff and he will, the changes will be Swift and straight forward. People that were protected by Franklin should be worried about their jobs and prepare to become unemployed. They all brought this shit on there self and I can't wait to watch their disgraceful last days as they wind down and see it break them down to nothing. If long don't want any responsibility of feeding the inmates I suggest he keep his ass away from the sheriff's office and let a real law office do his job.

    1. He will be the next sheriff? Then are we even having an election ?

    2. Sounds like you’re a sex offender talking bad about Fields, Radke, and Cindy.

    3. You are either blake or another goon...anonymous 2/15 @ 7:40pm.

    4. That whole damn bunch is corrupt. Do you have to be a sex offender to notice that? They are all pieces of shit and are on their way out

  9. Ana is using Blake to pull all the 911 calls to prove the whistleblower is crazy. Good luck suckers.

  10. Elmer, is that you?

  11. One of the most striking aspects of George Washington's leadership during the war for independence was his modesty, in public and in private. Remember when modesty and humility were great American values? He was appointed to a position of great power, but he never made it about his own ego or his personal ambition.
    Today, we celebrate those who are really good at getting attention for themselves, who beat their chest and are good at saying, “Look at me.”
    George Washington was not that person. He didn't brag or boast. He realized that to hold his army together and maintain the support of the public and the Continental Congress, he had to maintain an image of impeccable integrity and good character. Perception matters and all eyes were on him. He had to inspire trust. He made mistakes from a military point of view, and he took the criticism for it, but it was hard to doubt his honesty and his devotion to the cause