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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

No more Fredricks

Blogger Comments:  It appears that Parker Moore pulled off a win in the District 4 GOP for Alabama House beating out Candidate Tom Fredricks.  We congratulate Moore for his victory.  Alabama has stood tall on ethics matters when deciding on our political candidates. Luther's out, Fredricks lost, Ana isn't running for a third term as sheriff.  Things are looking up in our county.

Moore wins GOP runoff for Alabama House

"He attributed his win Tuesday to hard work “and a commitment to honesty and integrity.”"


  1. Fredricks, Luther and Ana definitely make for strange bedfellows, alright. You couldn't possibly find a more crooked/corrupt collection. Well, unless maybe you added Ziaja to the mix, but from the sound of it, he's on the outside, looking in.

  2. This is good news. I live in Morgan County but just outside the district for this race. Hopefully we can keep Fredericks out later this year as well.

  3. There are many elected officials who need to go right on out the door in Morgan County!!!!! We are starting to see the effects of our peoples voice being heard but certainly have a long way to go. A good start would be our commissioner. Too many have become complacent and way too comfortable in the positions they hold. Too much power and control of our tax money without any consequences. We all know too well that if you are related to some of them who hold these positions, you WILL get away with anything. I have seen way to many things swept under the rug. A blind eye turned. It is ALL in who you know. It is very upsetting when you see and report illegal activity to the authorities but nothing will ever be done by the individuals who have the authority to take action in fear of loosing their job. Catch 22. It is no longer ~ For the people. It is now. For (THEIR) people and has been for many years.

  4. I love the new bill, Ed Henry is getting passed. It's time our tax Dollars stop supporting the Rich and Famouse. O and Ray Long Family and friends.

    1. Ed is just doing the dirty work because he isnt running again. The bill is Orr and Collin's handiwork and it's sole purpose is to move power to Decatur. Whether you like the current commisioners or not, the bill is bad for the County.